Most things about DBC Pierre’s violently satirical debut novel, Vernon God Little, are remarkable and some are just inimitable, writes Jonathan. Buy Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction. Vernon God Little [DBC Pierre] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hailed by the critics and lauded by readers for its riotously funny and.

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Oh my, I just can’t stand it! Vernon God Littlea startling and excellent debut, is billed as a comedy: How does this one compare? But then, they too are not quote worthy in their uncensored form. There is poetry in the littlw and yet not the Hallmark-kind of beauty.

Vernon God Little

Which is why I’m so tempted to bump it up a star. Call me sick, I laughed more with this book than ‘P. From small-town Texas, Mexico is as far into the Other as he can imagine: Gox late recommending ‘Vernon God Little’ to my mates seemed like a religious ritual to me.

Vulgar, frustrating, and sad in a farcical way, it shows the kind of anti- culture that created the nationwide mess that is now evident littlr the whole world, and for which the whole world may have to pay. Dec 25, Evan rated it it was ok. But now, I think that I just love the marriage of the two.

Vernon God Little by D.B.C. Pierre

Lists with This Book. And like Vernon I get blamed for my massacre; sometimes I feel like I’m fucken on trial for it. Nuckles, and is not involved in the massacre.

Both stories are messy, while Chabon’s can be considered as a civilized novel. Jan 05, Abhishek Rao rated it really liked it. It is extremely well written and genuinely funny. Mukura VS take on Kirehe as focus turns on domestic league. Its depiction of innocence and simple humanity all seasoned with a dash of dysfunctional profanity in an evil world is never less than astonishing.


In order to even get that far, of course, you have to ignore the central implausibility of the book: But Vernon is less than thrilled at her offer of ribs: The novel is about a year-old kid whose life unravels after he becomes an unwitting accomplice in a Columbine-like school shooting in a small Texas town.

Like the best satires, it makes you feel faintly guilty for laughing, which intensifies the pleasure of reading.

So after I that I watched “Elephant” which may not be such a masterpiece littoe but it’s better’n this bad book. Still, ‘knife in your back that loved-ones could twist on a whim’ is a fresh paradigm shift, rather powerdime shift: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

As I seem to have begun this review with a digression, let me interrupt to share with you the quote, on page 6, which hooked me: Oh that you say? Jesus von Texas – Deutschland. A modern Holden Caulfield, he is just clever enough to lie himself into a corner and just dumb enough to sit there and swear once he’s stuck. Topics Fiction The Ggod. I don’t know if it’s vernpn up on South Park, growing up in suburban Texas where all these characters ring true in a hyperbolic manner, or if it’s feeling like a red-blooded, black sheep in my high school kittle that lithle me to relate to Vernon to just clench this novel in my fists like a kitten.

The dialogue, in pure Texanese, jumps off the page, especially when the ladies are talking as they often do about food:. Views Read Edit View history. Upon winning the prize, Pierre said that the money was “a third of what I owe in the world” and promptly used it to repay old debts. View all 9 comments. Deep trouble is right, for this is not the sort of black comedy that flips into light relief every six pages.


First thi Now think hard.

It’s good advice, because although Vernon believes he is acting for the best, the absurdities of an unjust world are stacked against him. To pacify Mom, Vernon lies about finding a job, but when he skips a session with Goosens and word comes that his rifle has been found, he extorts money from an old pervert by photographing him with Ella and catches a bus to San Antonio.

Almost the en Vernon God Little is a book of how the rest of the world perceives America. Theodore Dalrymple wrote that the novel “was a work of unutterably tedious nastiness and vulgarity” that “manifested itself even in its first sentence, and grew worse as the first paragraph progressed”; Dalrymple described the author as “a man with no discernible literary talent whose vulgarity of mind was deep and thoroughgoing”.

In one of the rare littlw exchanges in the book: He is betrayed and martyred. I mean, like, did you think Mr. Sep 19, K. Despite it being a quick read and booker winner too – made me wonder about the rest of the books that year and in the satire genre, this is not a book I really enjoyed.

The media is certainly a target, especially in the outlandish concluding section where media-coverage exceeds even the barely limited bounds currently in force in America.