Debroy Committee Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. Debroy Committee Blogs, Comments and Archive. NEW DELHI: The Bibek Debroy Committee in its interim report on the Indian Railways recommends sweeping changes in the way the ailing. Debroy Committee Report: Railways on Track for Privatization must turn to private finance, is the Bibek Debroy Committee on the Railways.

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It recommends a cleaner bearing of the subsidy burden for national projects on a cost-sharing basis between the union government and state governments on the one side and Indian Railways on the other.

Bibek Debroy Committee Recommendations – General Knowledge Today

Corporatization of railway board and decentralization. A committee headed by economist Bibek Debroy has recommended corporatization of the railway board and separation of roles of policy making, regulation and operations suggesting that the ministry of railways be only responsible for policymaking.

SECC data collected in still lying unused 2 Sep, Cooperative federalism, social cost accounting. While the need for an independent regulator for determining tariffs has been raised before, the committee proposes the setting up of a Railway Regulatory Authority of India RRAI statutorily, with an independent budget. Suggesting decentralization of decision-making powers it says the head of each zone general manager must be fully empowered to take all necessary decisions without reference to the railway board.

A shift of regulatory responsibility from the government to an independent regulator is required as the private sector will only come in if there is fair and open access to infrastructure, the committee said.


ET EnergyWorld A one stop platform that caters to the pulse of the pulsating energy. You won’t be able to use Cebroy on these devices in AIRF has maintained that the system will be destroyed if corporate houses are allowed to run train services as they will charge airlines-like erratic fare only to benefit the business houses.

Importantly, the committee has suggested the formation of a railway infrastructure company in the form of a special purpose vehicle that will own the railway infrastructure be created. Apart from creation committe an independent regulator and corportization of the railways, the Debroy committee recommends that the railways move away from non-core activities like production and construction, leaving room for private entry.

Debroy committee suggests corporatization of Railways

Several members of All-India Railwaymen’s Federation, across the country today wore black badges in protest against the recommendations of Debroy Committee. Dec 31, You will get no welfare debrly benefits 7 Aug, Measures suggested include tapping multilateral funding agencies, take out financing by long-term funds, a long-term bullet bond or a zero-coupon bond and joint ventures with state governments reporh suburban rail. Sadananda Gowdawho felt that the railway board had become unwieldy because of overlapping roles of policy formulation and implementation.

Crude oil prices to direct sugar prices in Bibek Debroy Railways Suresh Prabhu policy making regulation.

Railwaymen’s black badge protest against Debroy report 30 Jun, The committee recommends that the railway board function like a corporate board for railways. There are fewer calendars these days but the earlier ones helped fashion modern Indian visual culture. Commkttee Entrepreneurship Awards Politics aside, one of the major recommendations by the Debroy Committee is to separate the infrastructure of the railways from passenger train and freight operations.


How calendars went from featuring gorgeous women to being just purely functional There are fewer calendars these days but the earlier ones helped fashion modern Indian visual culture. The report also underlines the need for railways to refine it accounting practices.

Rail union to observe ‘black day’ against Bibek Debroy committee report 12 Jun, GST likely to have 3-rate structure in future: TomorrowMakers Let’s get smarter about money. The larger thrust of the recommendations is to make the railways attractive for private commmittee participation.

The railway ministry had in September constituted this eight-member committee for the mobilization of resources for major railway projects and restructuring of railways under then railway minister D.

Railway unions trash Bibek Debroy panel’s recommendations 25 May, The earlier order of delegation of powers to DRMs was issued to end the archaic departmentalisati A Law Commission report th recommended simultaneous elections to Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies in DoPT clears way for tariff regulatory body for railways 30 Aug, ,