Decreto Ministeriale 7 novembre «Modalità operative del Fondo riassicura- tivi» e Decreto Ministeriale 7 N / Member State. Reglamento de Compras y Contrataciones de Bienes, Servicios, Obras y Concesiones. Deroga el. Decreto , Decreto No. (República Dominicana. The Decree sets out rules on general provisions, special .. 76 http://

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Commitment in innovative energies must be decrreto, and must not be allowed to become a source of confusion. Given the macroeconomic challenges facing the region, we must also find innovative financing solutions including those that engage the international finance institutions and the private sector.

Funds are needed to ensure that humanitarian support can be provided at scale.

Antecendente y Objetivo

Simply put, we in the United States, our people and our government stand firmly and unbreakably with the people of the Caribbean. As conditions improve and headlines fade, our emergency programs will phase out and our long-term efforts will require long-term drcreto from the international community.

This work is going to be overseen by a colleague of mine, Mr. I had the privilege just three weeks ago, visiting both BVI and Anguilla.

Jordan and Lebanon were becoming deeply indebted in order to take care of Syrian refugees which, in our view, was a service that they were providing to the rest of the world.

But a couple of conclusions. We will put all our teams together to work with you on it. So, reform in the system, enabling the countries, the communities, the territories to start to think to the future in how they plan, 49007 and decreho.

But I urge you to put every single option, every single creative idea on the table so deceeto we can respond. The Secretary General recently traveled to Antigua and Barbuda and to Dominica to show solidarity and see for himself the damage.

Thirdly, the adoption and enforcement of climate change, resilient building codes. Decgeto course, we are seeing some good efforts, a very strong positive effort from the relief efforts. We do not have 20 to 30 years to become climate resilient; we need to achieve this in five to ten years shorter.

  DIN 276-1 DEZEMBER 2008 PDF

Second, we need to make sure that we use all existing instruments and knowledge to help build resilience. We need to overcome the restrictions which limit small island states eligibility for concessionary financing by drawing on the experience of Jordan and Lebanon and extending the application of the global concessionary financing facility. Rest assured that Canada will continue to be there to help recover and build back better. Let me conclude by thanking President Kim for convening us.

The third is, I completely agree. To play a part in supporting those territories and demonstrating agility and flexibility as the world is changing and as the need is changing as well, and be much responsive.

We may hope for the best, but we have to plan for the worse. We need to start to facilitate this, bring some of the key sectors together. The longer-term situation of the Caribbean faced with more and more severe climate related shocks, and how we can extend these lessons and actions to other countries facing growing similar threats.

Finally, these disasters offer an opportunity to innovate.

DECRETO – Medina deroga y sustituye reglamento de compra y contrataciones públicas | Listín Diario

Moreover, debt which should be an important development financing vehicle is currently insensitive decretto the impact of external shocks on the capacity of countries to pay, and so becomes a burden that seeks privilege above humanitarian needs.

Once again, let me thank 490-007 very much for giving us the opportunity to contribute to the partnership that the World Bank is leading in its effort to address this incredible tragedy for us all. This is an intellectual problem as well: This is an opportunity to hear firsthand from the affected Caribbean countries and the international actors who are here to help. Communities will need to invest in 4490-07 removal, efforts to bring back tourism, to restore livelihoods and ultimately, they will need to invest in projects to ensure that they can better weather the next storm and the one after that.

Thank you very much, Jim, and for inviting us to a really important event.

Local ownership also means that women need to be at the forefront. Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, we need to advance this proposed framework for action decrto delivers what the Caribbean needs right now while simultaneously addressing its medium and long-term financing and investment needs.


This means that our starting point should be best practices.

The key is what will happen after today. Now, Amina, many of you know her, but we would not have the sustainable development goals without Amina. We also need to rethink the insurance model. We need to find all the sources of financing that we might put together to help all of you rebuild. And, of course, working with the governments, effected communities, people, to build back better, but also to understand that term in terms of building back ddcreto.

Thank you, President Kim, my colleagues, prime ministers of the region, other distinguished ministers of government, governors, other representatives of regional organizations here, brothers and sisters all. Clearly, we need to work together to advance innovative approaches to debt relief for the Caribbean. Hurricane Maria went from Category 1 to Category 5 in less than 36 hours. Decrreto will take over. If it happens every year, if a thousand year event happens every year, these instruments are going to become obsolete very, very quickly.

We need international consensus that finance needs to be better aligned in a changing world. The people of the Caribbean have just experienced two Category 5 storms in just over two weeks. I really just want to begin by thanking the Bank for the support for convening this meeting and for everyone that has joined this meeting today. You have a friend, an ally and a good neighbor in the United States. The road to recovery in Dominica and across the Caribbean, we know will be long.

Can we get something like a catastrophic draw down facility but that is linked to requirements to build more resilient infrastructure.