All of these definitions come from The Meaning of Liff and The Deeper Meaning of Liff, both by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd. All of the words. The Meaning of Liff .. The secret Masonic method for dealing with a grimsby is as follows: remove it carefully with the silver tongs provided. The Deeper Meaning of Liff has ratings and reviews. MLE said: I will admit it, if anyone else had written an entire book of definitions that th.

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A posthumous collection of essays and other material, including an incomplete novel, was published as The Salmon of Doubt in The last page of a document that you always leave face down in the photocopier and have to go and dseper later.

Many authorities believe that congs provide conclusive proof of the exstence of a now extinct form of yellow vegetable which the Victorians used to boil mercilessly.

To hold out hope for a better invitation until the last minute. The mythical beast — part bird, part snake, part jam stain — which invariably wins children’s painting competitions in the age group.

The Deeper Meaning of Liff

Irritatingly cheerful in the morning. This is the book I read when I get home from work and need to just lie down and read the most ridiculous but hilarious shit.

A person who never actually gets round to doing anything because he spends all his time writing out lists headed ‘Things To Do Urgent ‘. Order by newest oldest recommendations. An unjust criticism of your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. So much a part of my daily vocabulary that I often get very very odd looks and don’t know why.

That part of a song lyric which you suddenly discover you’ve been mishearing for years. The ljff together of location names to deepet and actions that don’t yet have names is the frosting on the top of the book’s cupcake. A plumber’s assistant who never knows where the actual plumber is.


A joke told my someone who completely misjudges the temperament of the person to whom it is told. Hannah Meanint, who acquired Lloyd’s new “dictionary” for Faber, said: But if it didn’t have the Douglas Adams name behind it, I’m afraid this would otherwise have been lost to the mists of time. The Meaning of Liff 2.

The collective noun for a group of Sloane Rangers skiing with no trousers on and bras over their sweaters. The action meaningg putting your finger in your cheek and flicking it out with a ‘pock’ noise. Liiff am reminded of its usefulness most days as I wake up beside a Ballycumber one of the six half-read books lying somewhere in your bed.

Douglas Adams’s Meaning of Liff redefined

Medical A sperm which carries a high risk of becoming a bank manager. The person in an office that everyone whinges about in the pub. May 30, MLE rated it really liked it Shelves: A liqueur made only for drinking at the end of a revoltingly long bottle party when all the drinkable drink has been drunk.

Sep 08, Mkfs rated it liked it.

To do what babies do to soup with their spoons. Please try again later.

Imagine my excitement at the prospect of a sequel to this masterpiece 30 years after the first edition. There was no hardback edition, and neither was The Deeper Meaning of Liff adapted for the Dutch market. Over the last decade, QI founder John Lloyd has been “patiently squirrelling away” new examples to create Afterliff, which will also include contributions from Adams’s daughter Polly Adams and his old friend novelist Jon Canter.


Douglas Adams takes place names that he believes aren’t being used anyway since no one ever goes to these places, and he repurposes them all, assigning them to experiences, sensations, items, and people we all wish there were names for. Return to Book Page. In breach of the laws of joke telling, e.

Feb 22, Jay rated it liked it Shelves: The most deformed potato in any given collection of potatoes. Occasionally he gives up on giving something a definition–the explanation for “Parrog” says “God knows. For the most part, the names are not suitable for their definitions, so you’re best off ignoring them and just reading this as a list of “things for which there should already be words”.

Hidden sharply pointed object which stabs you in the cuticle when you reach into a small pot. If you feel twinges in some parts of your body when you scratch other parts, those are Acklins. A car behind which one draws up at the traffic lights and hoots at when the lights go green before realising that the car is parked and there is no one inside. Of a person whose heart is in the wrong place i.

Douglas Adams’s Meaning of Liff redefined | Books | The Guardian

The uncontrollable twitching which breaks out when you’re trying to get away from the most boring person at a party. The book was released in the UK in November meaniing time for the Christmas market. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. To redistribute the hot water in a bath.