Skill Building Activity by pick up artist Derek Vitalio PUA of Seduction Science. Of course, Deep Inner Game is not a substitute for the other things I’ve talked. Derek Vitalio pua teaches seducing women through rituals of libertinage. In the meantime, you’ll absolutely want to get hold of my Deep Inner Game Program. Do you recommend any audio PUA material to really improve my game? Top Inner Game: Derek Vitalio – Deep Inner Game; Cory Skyy – Magnetic Mindset;.

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In Libertinage, as in seduction, you are not quite your normal self, but rather you are playing a role and you are strategically concealing your faults and insecurities. And just like playing the slots at Vegas, you can experience great highs, rocky lows, and tepid boredom at times between. View tips and guidelines. His Seduction Science site and CD system has taken countless men from ” AFC “, which stands for Average Frustrated Chump in seduction community slang, to an Viatlio male-who has no trouble approaching women, and hooking up, because women find him compellingly attractive.

Is customer service very responsive? Users of his systems report that once these ” solutions ” are put into action they have experienced some really incredible results.

Secrets of Inner Game. Vitalio on the other hand has a good 3 books dealing with everything from picking up women to getting the perfect body but it’s nothing you wouldn’t have read already. How to Get Women to Gaame You. Innovativeness Is it something totally new? Finally should you sign up, there is a VIP lounge, which gives men a place to get support, share their success and get new techniques. You will be able to lead when you maintain the proper spirit.


Libertinage too is highly structured around the hypnotic pace of ritual. Papa is the Co-Founder and the bus This is where you can really hit her and get her terribly into you. The whole business of Libertinage is to strike to the innermost core of the woman. I like the way he teaches and he is spot on in most of it.

We know this can be easier said than done, but Vitalio gives his students a step-by-step approach, which users report have shown them how to do this-effectively. I was very unhappy to learn that Mystery’s performance was mostly cut although he does get a vitlio bit of time all the same.

Men, who have used his CDs report that after using this system they have significantly increased their confidence, as well as their ability to approach, seduce and date the women they want to. Keep everything light and deep, full of distractions, noise, color, and fun. We will be reviewing this system at a later date, but lets just say it has become one of his best selling products. Until next time, Derek Vitalio countComments ;?

Derek vitalio deep inner game download

He also provides guys who visit his site access to some free tools and advice, which they can use right away. Derek Vitalio’s Biography Books Photos. His website gives visitors access to free advice which can help them start to explore this system right away, which was great to see, and it also showed us just how much Vitalo believes in his system, and his products.


His signature book ” Seduction Science ” which is now in it’s 3rd edition. I am listing again the list of spell casters that I am certain are real. Men, who have used his CD’s report that after using this system they have significantly increased their confidence, as well as their ability to approach, seduce and date the women they want to.

You owe it to yourself to have women in your life. His number close technique which has been copied here – “Are you single? A Skill Building Activity ideally consists of two components, one physical and the other social. You gamr control the woman by nagging and complaining for unner will make her defensive. Ease of Implementation Is it practical? It aims to help you build a powerful mental foundation to become a real man who is playful, social, and has a charismatic presence.

However, some men have turned their lives around and become the men they want to be in the dating scene, by working on both their inner and outer games.