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On those nights when you have to work late, Deutsche Bank pays for dinner and a taxi ride home. What makes Deutsche Bank different from its competitors, and why would you rather work here than at Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, or elsewhere?

Tombstone Bull A condition of the market characterized by rising prices. Sometimes I do early lunch and sometimes late.

As your network of former teammates grows, so will your reputation. Get back to my desk and start reviewing notes from the financial due-diligence call. Every time he went hunting in the Maine woods, his shoes deeutsche. Be able to talk fluently about fixed income, cash flow, bond deals, and PE ratios.

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On a local level, several Asian locations have Diversity Councils, which bring key decision makers together to assess diversity needs and create local programs and initiatives. Those in Tokyo will likely travel shorter distances than those in Hong Kong and Singapore, whose regions cover a large area of Asia. At a glance 4: Have you been studying the culture and language in school?

Bring it back to my desk and log in to all my applications to prepare pricing models for the trading day.

WetFeet’s Documents

Newcomers rotate through a variety of HR positions bwnk their first year before settling into one of three key areas: Perhaps have a call with a client in Europe, or with our London office to discuss a global client. Leon Leonwood Bean got his start because he, literally, had a case of wet feet.

WetFeet helps more than a million job candidates each year to nail their interviews, avoid making ill-fated career decisions, and add thousands of dollars to their compensation packages.


In Asia, because the markets close at about the time European markets open, you might find yourself staying late to place a trade in London. An IPO occurs when a privately owned company sells shares of stock to the public for the first time.

As a result, you can expect to gain a lot of experience in many areas fairly quickly. Know what you want to do and why you want to do it.

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The tables are based on a single set of globally consistent criteria and transaction classifications that bring reliability to an otherwise subjective and changing set of numbers. However, traders say they only occasionally get a phone call late at night, and rarely do they have to spend more than 30 minutes dealing with one of these calls. Some people do fit that stereotype, but they are few and far between. Deutsche Bank in Asia is one of the few banks that sends recruiters from its Asian offices to Australia, the U.

What do recent Deutsche Bank summer interns at your school have to say about the bank? Once you know you want to apply, go to Deutsche The Asian recruitment process for students in Australia, the U. In more established banking centers, that may not be the case. MBA internships take place during the break after the first year of study.

It does help to be in a big city, as there are a lot more English speakers around. However, there are some differences worth noting: Each WetFeet Insider Guide represents hundreds of hours of in-depth research, critical analysis and precise writing.

Market makers help markets maintain their momentum and liquidity. So my VP, a pretty senior VP, sat down with me to explain theories and give me help.

It operates two group divisions: Candidates are recruited from a variety of places to work in Asia. Sales and trading are really performance-based.

Undergraduates who have not entered their final year of study can complete an analyst internship. The internship in Asia commences with all interns undergoing an intensive first week of training. There are 58 registered entities in the region, and divisions in 17 markets. Undergraduates are offered roles as analysts, and MBAs are offered roles as associates.


The Workplace As an analyst, you might take on sales, trading, or research roles in such areas as trading, institutional client group sales, OTC derivatives, foreign exchange, or emerging markets.

The country traditionally has been thought of as a closed market, in which Japanese businesses will The Workplace Pacific. What do you love and hate?

Deutsche Bank (Paperback)

An analyst can expect to run comps for just about every deal. There are a lot more of them. The name derives from the top bracket on a tombstone ad in The Wall Street Journal.

The learning curve is very steep and you have to quickly adapt to new situations. Interested candidates are encouraged to speak with people who work in Deutsche Bank in Asia or other locations, or to contact students from their school who interned at the bank the previous year.

Deutsche Bank provides a flexible benefits package that includes full medical and dental insurance, life insurance, and disability insurance.

The electronics company has been trying to get rid of this division for at least three years and has finally found an interested buyer. RankSecond Quarter: I-Banking Interview Practice Guide Turn to these WetFeet Insider Guides for an in-depth description of the I-banking interview process, including tips for acing interviews in corporate finance, research, sales, and trading. The upside of putting together a pitch book: Bean, the successful mail-order company.

But in Japan, 80 percent of your interactions could be in Japanese. I will often speak to the most junior person on the floor and then the head of the bank within ten minutes of each other.