German-English Dictionary: Translation for Deutsche Ostsiedlung. 9. Okt. Die deutsche Ostsiedlung Deutsche Siedler ziehen nach Osten Jahrhundert: Gründung der Dörfer und Städte zwischen Elbe und Oder. Dez. Die deutsche Ostsiedlung im Mittelalter – ein erstes Ende der Fläche? Abb.7 Etappen der Ostsiedlung Abb. 10 Aussschnitt aus dem.

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In part, Ostsiedlung followed the territorial expansion of the Empire and the Teutonic Order. Verlust des Landes Stargard. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Erkennbar sind sie z. Einen besonderen Aufschwung nahm der Landesausbau in Brandenburg im Der ab dem Nachfolger Ostsiedlunt wurde der hl. In the towns, Wends were subsequently pushed into low-skill professions like dock workers, but there are also records about better situated Wends, who for example dominated pork-and-beef trade in Rostock or ran a bakery in Stettin.

Wampen and Ladebow and other villages near Greifswald are of Danish origin. The emigration of inhabitants of the Valais valley in Switzerland to areas that had been settled before by the Romans had to some extent the same preconditions as the colonisation of the East.

In the 20th century, the Ostsiedlung was heavily exploited by German nationalists, including the Nazis, to press the territorial claims of Germany and to demonstrate supposed German superiority over non-Germanic peoples, whose cultural, urban and scientific achievements in that era were undermined, rejected or presented as German.


Cornell University Library Digital Collections

The Wends were concentrated in the suburbs, that in some cases were pre- Ostsiedlung Slavic settlements e. Reunification New federal states. The Nordalbingen March, the territory between Hedeby ostsidelung the Danish fortress of Danevirke in the north and the Elbe river in the south, was part of the empire during the reign of Charlemagne. The country at this time was sparsely populated with small hamlets and altogether not more than Osadnictwo niemieckie na wschodzie.

The settlers migrated in nearly straight West-to-East lines. Karte der deutsche Ostkolonisation English: Teilweise wurden aber auch wendische Dorfformen adaptiert, so dass es zu einer Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Dorftypen im Siedlungsgebiet kam.

The Franks had created an empire that, besides former Roman Gaulhad united istsiedlung former West Germanic-speaking peoples and adopted Christianity. The Havelberg bishopric was set up again to Christianize the Wends.


In such a case, the new village would nevertheless keep its former Slavic name. Before the Mongol invasion these two provinces dektsche thickly settled and highly developed.

When, in the 17th and 18th centuries, the eastern and southern parts of East Prussia were depopulated by wars and epidemics, colonizers from Germany were no longer available and the Prussian dukes, later on kings, invited Lutheran Austrians, Poles Mazurians and Lithuanians to settle in the empty regions.


Eroberung, Kolonisation und kultureller Wandel von bis Die materielle Kultur der zuziehenden Slawen unterschied sich nicht wesentlich von der der ostsiedlyng Germanen. Lehrbuch der allgemeinen Geographie.

File:Deutsche – Wikimedia Commons

Medieval Towns in the Romanian Principalities. Wenn auch ostsiedlunb Aufruf von folgenlos blieb, so stieg doch der Druck auf das Slawenland zwischen Elbe und Oder von allen Seiten. Rather, the phenomenon involved internal colonization, associated with rural-urban migration by natives, in which many of the Polish cities adopted laws based on those of the German towns of Lubeck and Magdeburg.

In this environment, German feudal lords often cooperated with the Slavic inhabitants. Ihnen verblieb neben dem Kerngebiet um Putlitz nur kleinerer Lehnsbesitz um Wittenberge. Ein Land, das nur einerlei Sprache und einerlei Sitten hat, ist schwach und gebrechlich. Medieval Oetsiedlung European agriculture saw some advances that were carried eastward in the course of the Ostsiedlung.

State of the Teutonic Order.