Eurand’s Diffucaps® technology enables the development of once-daily controlled-release (CR) capsules or patient-friendly orally disintegrating tablet ( ODT). Download scientific diagram | ORBEXA ® Technology 3) DIFFUCAPS ® Technology: Diffucaps is a multiparticulate bead system comprised of multiple layers of. DIFFUCAPS ® technology 4) DIFFUTAB ® Technology: Diffutab technology enables customized release profiles and region-specific delivery. Diffutab.

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The drug layer contains the poorly soluble drugs, osmotic agents and a suspending agent.

Because the technoolgy are produced in a single step while the punches make one rotation on a turntable, there is no longer any need for a separate stage to deliver the core. Hydrogels that undergo reversible volume changes in response to changes in temperature are known as thermosensitive gels.

Recent technologies in pulsatile drug delivery systems

A semipermeable membrane surrounds the tablet core. A delay of drug action may be required for a variety of reasons.

Three formulations showed constant release of diclofenac sodium over 1—7 h 9. In this technology, pellets are coated inside of the capsule. Multiparticulate drug delivery systems for controlled release. Gels of this type of polymer display low viscosity at ambient temperature, and exhibit a sharp increase in viscosity as the temperature rises.

Recent technologies in pulsatile drug delivery systems

The technology provides the prolonged release and absorption of a drug. In this tecnhology, degradation take diffufaps throughout the polymer sample and proceeds until a critical molecular weight is reached.

Pulsatile drug delivery is defined as the rapid and transient release of certain amount of molecules within a short time period immediately after a predetermined off-released period, i. The lag time can be varied by varying coating thickness or adding high amounts of lipophilic plasticizer in the outermost layer4, 8, 9,11,13,14,15,16, J Am Chem Soc. This swelling of the polymer induced by this pH change which results in insulin release.


The objective of the study was to explore the time- and pH-dependent controlled tecynology delivery of Diclofenac Sodium using the pulsincap system. The lag time is essential for drugs that undergo degradation in gastric acidic medium e. Pulsatile drug delivery systems have the potential to bring new developments in the therapy of many diseases.

International Journal of Drug Delivery ; 3: The characteristic feature of the difffucaps was a well defined lag time followed by a drug pulse with the enclosed active quantity being released at once. Diseases requiring pulsatile drug delivery Circadian rhythm regulates many body functions in humans, viz. In such systems the drug release is controlled by the dissolution or erosion of the outer coat which is applied on the core containing drug Figure.

The resolution of the 3DP tablets was found to depend on particle size and liquid migration during printing and drying. It is particularly suitable for tablet that cause gastroirritation and disintegrates rapidly. Pulsatile drug delivery systems.

Due to their high efficiency and lack of undesirable adverse effects to the whole body, the stimuli-responsive feature of these systems is useful for treatment of patients. International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences ; 3 2: Surface eroding system In this type of system, the reservoir device is coated with a soluble or erodible layer, which technologg with time and releases the drug after a specified lag period, as in case of a chronotropic system, where the drug is entrapped in the core layer with hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose HPMC and with an additional layer of enteric-coated film outside it.


Dalvadia H, Pate JK.

9. Pulsatile Drug Delivery System: Method and Technology Review | Insight Medical Publishing

There has been much interest in the development of a stimuli-sensitive delivery system that releases techbology agents in the presence of a specific enzyme or protein. Examples of pH dependent polymers are cellulose acetate phthalate, polyacrylates, and sodium carboxymethylcellulose.

The pulsatile system is gaining a lot of interest, as the drug is released completely after defined lag time Fig. Lodotra TM has been designed so that maximum plasma levels are reached six hours after intake. Hydrogen-bonded polymer gel and its application as a temperature-sensitive drug delivery system. Such a release pattern is known as pulsatile release. There are several reports describing the effect of ultrasound on controlled drug delivery.

Nitroglycerin, calcium channel blocker, ACE inhibitors. As the pulsatile drug delivery achieve desired therapeutic effect and reducing side effect, so patient compliance can be obtained along with lowering dose frequency. Trop J Pharm Res. Increasing the strength of the ultrasound resulted in a proportional increase in the amount of 5- fluorouracil released1, 2,3, A dual membrane system was formed, with the first membrane referred to as the glucose-sensing membrane, in which glucose oxidase was immobilized on cross-linked polyacrylamide.