Disneyization is depicted as a process by which the principles of the Disney theme parks dominate more and more sectors of society. Bryman, a British sociologist, proposes the idea of Disneyization as a complementary no- tion to McDonaldization in contemporary society. He outlines four. I am grateful to: Blackwell Publishers for permission to use material from ‘The Disneyization of society’, The Sociological Review, 47 (1), , 25–47; SAGE.

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In Europe, amusement parks often tend to become theme parks too.

However, I have opted not to use the term Disneyfication in this book because I wanted one that was not accompanied by negative baggage and also one that had not been employed in other contexts and would allow me to generate a discussion of the spread of the principles associated with the Disney theme parks.

It should also be noted that this form of hybrid consumption is often a focus for criticism because it is seen as evidence of the manipulation of consumers and of children in particular.


Of course, cities have invariably contained combinations of leisure facilities, but what is significant about such developments is the coordinated way in which these hybrid consumption areas are assembled and the fact that this tends to occur in a clearly defined enclave.

As with all Disney theme parks, a land provides the background narrative to the attractions within it. The various forms of themed shopping environments attempt to differentiate themselves not just from other malls and shops but also from the new forms of retailing that are taking their market share home shopping, catalogue and internet shopping, and discount warehouses. The two principles are, of course, connected because if people are attracted to hybrid consumption sites as destinations and stay in them longer, the more likely they are to have an unanticipated want created.

A similar distinction could be relevant to McDonaldization too in terms of its underlying principles, but that is beyond the scope of this book. Milano, Geneva, Brussels, etc. Opry Mills in Nashville has societty areas: As any student of Coca-Cola advertisements will have noticed, the company rarely seeks to sell its well-known beverage on the basis of flavour; instead, it positions itself as a purveyor of identities and lifestyles.

Each of these senses will now be examined. Nonetheless, the hotel-casinos in Las Vegas entail intricate theming in djsneyization of the various narratives found in the hotels.

The Disneyization of Society

In the UK, there are standard formats for the ubiquitous Indian restaurant such as flock wallpaper, zither music, plastercast models of Indian gods, and so on. Retrieved from ” https: The common description of Las Vegas as a Disneyland for adults denotes that it is a playground for adults, not that it is a Disney-style theme park for families.


On entry, the diners take their chosen bottle of beer from a coffin full of ice!

New Zealand, where the film was made; Moseley in Birmingham, where Tolkien grew up; and the Ribble Valley in Lancashire, where Tolkien did most of his writing.

As Umberto Eco puts it: In placing a zoo in the midst of Disney World, which comprises theme parks, water parks, nearly 20 hotels, six golf courses, and numerous restaurants, including one of the Rainforest Cafe chain in the Animal Kingdom and a hotel very close to it, hybrid consumption in relation to zoos is magnified. This is one of the most successful malls in the United States in terms of retail sales per square foot.

He suggests that the mass media identify issues and crises in connection with crime and this process influences the issues that leaders and American citizens will be concerned about.

For example, Klein In Chapter 6, I suggest that crucial to the successful operation of Disneyization are control and surveillance and I outline the ways in which these are salient to the Disney theme parks and to Disneyized institutions and practices more generally.

Theming requires substantial investments without any certainty that the theme and the way it is presented will be sufficiently absorbing to warrant the expenditures involved.

It is in this context that the book of Alan Bryman is to be read. In addition to shopping malls as locations where theme park attractions, shopping and restaurants merge, large complexes like disnfyization festival disneyizatiob and tourist enclaves see Chapter 6 on the latterprovide examples of locations where different forms of consumption are brought together. Heritage shopping A context for shopping that is highly related to the themed mall is one that occurs when sites that are deemed to have heritage value are turned into locales for consumption.

In fact, Disneyization and McDonaldization can be thought of as parallel processes rather than as in any sense competing. Regarding the overall tone of the store, the authors write: Offer for Sale of 10, shares by S. Mexico, Far West, Polynesia, and China. Interestingly, these criticisms of history at South Street Seaport and The Rocks are strikingly similar to those that are often levelled at the representation of history at Disney theme parks.

The Disneyization of Society – PDF Free Download

Since then it has added a new theme park Universal Islands of Adventurea nightlife area Universal CityWalk including dieneyization, restaurants, a cinema, and shopsand themed hotels. It was felt that disneyiaation and unhelpful packaged versions of a rural idyll were being disneeyization that clashed with the realities of village life. Other theme parks are following suit, in that there is a Legoland Hotel at Legoland in Holland, while Alton Towers theme park in England now has two themed hotels on the site.


It brought together under one roof different types of goods and services notably restaurants, tea rooms that previously had been and which often still are located in different shops.

Theming helps to differentiate one disnejization or context from another. Consequently, the listing that follows is organized by resort and then by year of opening. Praise for this text: Also, if people went off Disney property at the end of the day, they would be less likely to be spending their money in theme park restaurants and on merchandise. A critique by Frances Clarke Sayers provides an example of the kind of concern expressed.

Many terminals now have a video games room as well. In actual fact, this is not strictly true. At the time of writing, many branches of Abbey National, a chain of banks in the UK, include a small Costa coffee shop within each branch Costa is one of the main chains of coffee shops in the UK.

Moreover, this predilection for themed casinos is spreading. Of interest to a wide variety of students studying in business, sociology, cultural studies, media studies and leisure studies courses this will also be of interest to anybody interested in understanding the intricacies of modern society.

However, that possibility should not detract from the fact that Disneyfication is widely perceived in terms similar to those outlined above by Schickel, Walz, and disneyizatiln writers. Ritzer and Stillman mention laundromats with exercise equipment and internet cafes as further examples of a process in which the boundaries between different forms of consumption are broken down.

Moreover, the Coney Island amusement parks represented for him the kinds of tasteless venue that he was seeking to avoid. In Britain, themed pubs are increasingly prominent and popular, such as Irish pubs, while in the USA, bars themed on British pubs have become popular venues. The more standardized services and places become, particularly as a result of the homogenizing tendencies of McDonaldization, the more important theming becomes as a mechanism of differentiation.

Socitey its use of simulation in the form of such devices as dioramas and indoor waterfalls, the elaborateness of the theming is being taken several steps further, in much disneykzation same way that has happened with some of the more recent themed restaurants. However, it is not just Disney films that are tied in Box 3.