DNVGL-RP-F has been prepared to facilitate the execution of detailed CP design and the specification of galvanic anode manufacture and installation. Buy DNV-RP F LATEST CATHODIC PROTECTION OF SUBMARINE PIPELINES BY GALVANIC ANODES from SAI Global. Find the most up-to-date version of DNVGL-RP-F at Engineering

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This document shall include, as a minimum: Log in to your subscription Username. The design life to be used for CP detailed design shall be defined by Purchaser and should be a conservative estimate of the maximum expected lifetime of the pipeline.

This has driven the development of a number of standards and recommended practices, giving both general guidance and specific methodologies for design of marine CP systems and for the manufacturing and installation of galvanic anodes.

I wish you could tell me. Maximum temperatures refer to continuous operation and are indicative only.

For new structures, the CP system can be designed with an additional conservatism e. This RP, however, offers a simplified approach with specification of all required design parameters. Electrical contact to the pipeline is then to be provided using thermite alumino-thermic welding, brazing or explosion welding.

For submarine pipelines, the coating systems applied constitute the main corrosion protection system. The electronic web-versions of the DNV Offshore Codes will be regularly updated to include these amendments and corrections. DNV Offshore Codes consist of a three level hierarchy of documents: There’s usually a good reason why everyone does it that way RE: The total net anode mass calculated from eqn. I can’t understand the concept behind “coating breakdown factors”, and the concept behind this big gap.


Polyolefin coatings 3-layer PE and 3-layer PP. The heat input from a thermite or welding process shall be controlled so that excessive heat input is prevented. I appreciate your time. Publishers Content Coverage Privacy. These are free to download from the dnv website.

Ordinary Al-Zn-In and Zn anode materials may provide protection potentials approaching a negative limit of Coating breakdown is usually a historical based figure and maybe dnv is just using either data from the North Sea ddnv conditions are a bit rougher or just a bit out of date.

The Eng-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action. Such systems have traditionally been designed as self-contained systems with all anodes installed directly on the pipeline itself bracelet type anodes.

Standards Address Cathodic Protection for External Corrosion Control of Submarine Pipelines

The report was great too. Provide principles and procedures of DNV classification, certification, verification and consultancy services. For definition of pr parties and associated terms, see Sec. Thanks for your response.

Unless otherwise agreed, the report shall be accepted by Purchaser prior to start of production. It djv also be used as an attachment to an inquiry or purchase order specification for such work. It is recommended that the integrity of bracelet anodes rpp by clamping on top of the linepipe coating is verified by calculations or testing, simulating maximum shear stresses during installation operations.

A lthough submarine pipelines are designed with an external coating as the primary system for corrosion control, a cathodic protection CP system is normally installed as a back-up for any deficiencies in the pipeline coating, including defects induced during coating application, transportation, installation, and operation.


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Data on anode electrochemical efficiency from laboratory examinations will typically result in values close to the theoretical limit e. Advanced search Show search help. Default values for galvanic anode performance and design current densities that do not require any special qualification or field testing dvn also recommended. For conceptual CP design, Sec.

However, for certain combinations of coating systems e. This is reflected by the accuracy of the numbers recommended. However, it is recommended primarily to avoid such temperatures by application of heat insulation between anode and, pipe wall or by installing anodes freely exposed to seawater whenever practical. If no CP conceptual report has been prepared, then the premises and basic concepts for detailed CP design shall be defined by Purchaser in some other reference document see 5.

In this RP, and contrary to ISOthe current demands for cathodic protection are calculated for specific combinations of linepipe and field joint coating. Apparently all failures of CRA pipelines due to HISC have been related to the welding of anodes to the pipeline causing stress concentrations, susceptible microstructure and defect coating.