Here substantially revised and expanded, Don Gifford’s annotations to Joyce’s great comprise a specialized encyclopedia that will inform any reading of Ulysses. Don Gifford’s annotations to Joyce’s great modern classic comprise a specialized encyclopedia that will inform any reading of Ulysses. Title, “Ulysses” Annotated: Notes for James Joyce’s “Ulysses”. Author, Don Gifford . Edition, 2. Publisher, University of California P. Length, pages.

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Patrick by Augustine, the manufactured clerical corruption identified by Luther since AD and the burdens of “survival of the fittest” anxiety modern commerce met with a Dzogchen Buddhist stance.

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Ulysses Annotated by Don Gifford – Paperback – University of California Press

At some point, I will have to cut the cord and go it alone, and I wonder at how I’ll fare without such a valuable and trusty I started “Penelope” today on my second tour through Ulyssesso I thought I would add my newest thoughts on Gifford’s annotations.

University of California Pr Amazon. The suggestive potential of minor details was enormously fascinating to Joyce, and the precision of his use of detail is a most important aspect of his literary method Dec 30, Kingsley Layton rated it really liked it Shelves: Sitting down to read this would be pretty exhausting, but it’s definitely a must-have if you wanna understand Joyce’s masterwork better!

Rhetorical Figures in Aeolus. Based on your Mentions Twilight shelfa few recommendations: Oxford UP,frequently cited here simply as Ellmann. Once Bloom entered the stage, I began to enjoy some of the story and its setting. Of course there will be resolution in marriage, for Molly only needs to feel that Bloom is willing. At some point, I will have to cut the cord and go it alone, and I wonder at how I’ll fare without such a valuable and trusty guide.


This is not a book that will survive years, though, I feel—at least, not without the annotations—for it relies so much on things that are fading so quickly. The amount of information is just at the border of overwhelming.

Refresh and try again. So perhaps Mr Gifford can picture the reader, utilizing his Annotated guide, coming across a reference to, say, “red tape”, late in the book. I didn’t, and finding the passages he was noting was sometimes difficult especially since there were times when the text he was noting was ddon not in my version. Instead, I would annotater an episode of Ulysses, sometimes re-read it, and then page through the relevant annotations for that episode.

The annotations giffford place names, define slang terms, give capsule histories of institutions and political and cultural movements and figures, supply bits of local and Irish legend and lore, explain religious nomenclature and practices, trace literary allusions and references to other cultures. But it is a flawed masterpiece.

Tandem reading, however, has its disadvantages. All journal names are spelled out, with the exception of the James Joyce Quarterlysometimes referred to simply as JJQ.

Websites are cited by URL address, occasionally with an active link. Am I glad to have read this book?


Ulysses Annotated

Requests to remove images that infringe artistic copyright will be promptly honored see Corrections. In their preface they say The notes may appear to labor an abundance of the obvious in order to render a few grains of the subtle and suggestive And This book is designed to be laid open beside the novel and to be read in tandem with it. And I even had an unanticipated opportunity to learn more about Theosophism. Don GiffordRobert J. HCE’s angst is caused by his community that imposes a Western curse damnation upon him that man is not guilty of Anyway, I haven’t read this in a long time, but I still do recommend it.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. If you’re going to read Joyce’s Ulyssesthen ignore all those who will ask you why.

As a resource for future graduate students writing a thesis on the relic Ulyssesit will be invaluable. View all 46 comments. Jan doh, Thomas rated it really liked it Shelves: Revised and Expanded Edition. This book is wonderful, and I don’t think I could make it through Ulysses without it. This supplementary book of annotation and background info is indispensable if you are giving Ulysses gifforr go.