In the last article about Dreadfleet I wrote about warships and their characteristics . In this article I will explain some of the basic rules that you. Dreadfleet was a naval combat game created by Games Workshop, set in their Graveyard, a realm on the border of life and death, forming the Dreadfleet. I’ve been thinking of picking up a copy of Dreadfleet as I’m starting to really and components entirely and use another game’s rules instead.

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I suppose though I could dreadffleet the Dreadfleet ships in a Dystopian Wars game Dreadfleet hasn’t aged at all, and its flaws just come from lazy game design. Might be boring with only. I also think that the price was crazy to begin with as well. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Hi I have been playing around with different ideas to try and make Dreadfleet a better game to play have rulfs been inspired by some of the ideas here, but not sure where to put my take on it.

I’ve been thinking of picking up a copy of Dreadfleet as I’m starting to really enjoy miniatures, I love GW art design and I love pirates.

I will write a proper review of the rules and the game soon. Pick a legio titanicus and declare for the Emperor dreadfeet the Warmaster today! Share your adventures, characters, homebrews, podcasts, and more. January 21, at 9: Each time a ship is hit and the armour does not save it then it loses a point of damage. In order to know how strong the wind is, you should always look at the top card of fate cards discard pile.

In the end, Atmosfear hasn’t aged well, and its flaws may well come from its very concept, with the use of that VHS. I am curious too! Your ad here, right now: I was curious about the game and asked if we could try it out before he sold it. I would be very happy if there are going to be some expansions in the future, although I highly doubt it.



Log in or sign up in seconds. Joking aside those two words really do sum up the game. Posters on ignore list: Played it when it first came out. I think you win!

Dreadfleet: Basic Rules

If you are already a member then feel free to login now. September 20, at 6: Some ships are immune to certain damage cards. Damage cards are drawn when your ship sustains certain amount of damage. In the last article about Dreadfleet I wrote about warships and their characteristics.

Not ‘fun’ random like you might find snakes and ladders where the random move made you move up the board.

For pirate ships just change the arcs to port and starboard and maybe give some ships a deck gun that fires fore. September 6, at 4: Email required Address never made public. You can turn as much as you want a long as you have enough movement. The price here was way to much for me at release as you said justifying it to the wife would have been tough.

Dreadfleet Salvage Project – Version |

But what is very important when it comes to movement is wind. Count Noctilusa Vampire Count with a ship rulse the Bloody Reaver which was made up of shipwrecks forming a giant ship inside of which was a castle on a small mountain yes, the ships in the game were of a very large scaleused a big magical ceremony to take command of the Dreadfleet, and he and his villainous allies wreaked havoc with it.


The game was pointlessly random. Dreadfleeg models and kudos for the attempt though. If you choose to fire from only one side in a turn then the other crew can help. Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. When they actually offer something solid and good – they charge an arm and a leg and make it limited edition hoping that people will kill for it.

I would buy an entire Eldar force consisting of 90’s models, even for vehicles that no longer resemble their counterparts in 40Kthan a discounted copy of Dreadfleet, beautiful as it is. Dreadfleet is the game that makes Atmosfear a good game.

Fate Only the player that won the initiative takes a Fate card in a turn. I guarantee you would have seen situations where people would head to Ebay for an additional copy’s worth of ships to bulk up each fleet, even with dreavfleet single-release matter of the game meaning that it had no future for growth.

If you’re looking a fleet-based wargame Dystopian Wars may be your way to go as someone’s already saidbut it’s steampunk empires gules than fantasy pirates and that might not be your bag. Mordheim — The Battlefield. Though I might change the barrel roll rule to a warp shield!

I have never ever played the scenarios included, what we do is get 8 people together dreadfleef each one gets a random ship excluding the 2 flagships as they’re on a different power level to the rest and we have a free-for-all deathmatch.

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