monthly / /reglamento-del-impuesto-sobre-las-utilidades-de-las-empresas-iue Summary Table Tax in Bolivia. NAME OF THE. TAX deducted the IVA. • Bolivian source profits remitted . (Art. 42 D. S. ) • Form. remittance by . The tax system determines the concept and classification of taxes in Bolivia. Tributes are the obligations in . the country (Art. 43 D. S. ). • Payslip

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On rules and procedures for inspection of controlled items and technologies by experts. The Biological Weapons Act, Chapter Establishes rules that industrial businesses which transport, stockpile, manipulate, treat and eliminate toxic or dangerous products must follow.

Guides plant management and safety services on the links between the legislation concerning toxic substances and the law concerning the working environment. Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Act. Article blivia of the Penal Code deals with complicity. Section 3 prohibits the manufacture, sale or import into Canada in contravention of the regulations any feed that may adversely affect animal or human health.

Stipulates that whoever uses or order the use of bacteriological, biological or toxin weapons, shall be punished by deprivation of liberty for bolivi to a life sentence without the possibility of commutation.

If employees are exposed to harmful biological boliviz, a record must be bolviia of this for 40 years. Authorizes the Governor-General to make regulations including a the regulation of the storage, possession or use of any or all offensive weapons or instruments of whatever description b the prohibition of any description of intimidation or acts or threats of violence or c all such matters as in the opinion of the Governor-General will provide better public safety, if it is deemed that a state of civil commotion which threatens the public safety exists.

Provides for the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations to issue licenses for production and maintenance of weapons and military equipment and to keep the Central Register of legal persons whom the licenses for production and maintenance of weapons and military equipment have been issued to.

Regulation for the registration and control of toxic substances and of toxic and dangerous products, 21 March Determines technical and administrative biosafety requirements and procedures for facilities where biological agents are dw.

Hazardous Products Act, c. Promulgates the attached Implementation Regulations and stipulates in detail the quarantine procedures of the oblivia for import, export and in transit. The article also provides similar punishments for illegally manufacturing, trading, transporting, stockpiling, stealing or seizing substances that are poisonous, radioactive, or pathogenic of contagious disease.


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Prescribes in detail the management of animal epidemics prevention, quarantine of animal and animal products, supervision of the prevention of animal epidemics management and liabilities. Article on the illicit managing of harmful micro-organisms. Establishes a governmental administration body to supervise observance of the prohibition against biological and toxin weapons, establishes a system of record-keeping, outlines licensing requirements for handling highly hazardous agents and toxins, defines government control and supervision over handling, defines the authority of inspectors and creates a legal framework for international inspections and establishes penalties and other sanctions for violation of the Act.

Provides for prison terms of up to 10 years for offences that are harmful to public health, such as: Establishes that Authorizations apply to: Exposition of Reasons No. Define and penalize crimes related to money-laundering. Requires all the bodies of the executive branch, national organs, provinces, municipalities and the Autonomous Government of the City of Buenos Aires to adopt in all their respective jurisdictions the necessary measures to implement what is set out in UN Security Council Resolution The Committee is mandated to review annually the research, development and training activities in biological and chemical defence BCD undertaken by the Department of National Defence DND to ensure that these activities are defensive in nature and conducted in a professional manner with no threat to public safety or the environment.

The person who illicitly imports, exports, frabricates, acquires, possesses, supplys, transports or eliminates substances, objects, wastes or nuclear residue, will b imprisoned from years and will be fined from 50 to months of minimum wage salaries.

Penal Code of BulgariaArticle a.

Ministry of Economy and Public Finance of Bolivia

Democratic Republic of the Congo. It requires licenses for the import and export boliviz certain goods and establishes safety procedures. The State controls the export of missiles and missile-related items and technologies so as to prevent the proliferation of missiles and other delivering systems listed in the Control List attached to these Regulationsand shall practice a licensing d for the export of missiles and missile-related items and technologies.

Political Constitution of Colombia Article Provides for obligatory permission to work with dangerous pathogens, which are issued by the Director General of the National Office for Plant Protection. As atividades de importa?? With regard to the transport of these products, requirements established by the Navy Command in case of maritime transportationby the Air Force Command air transportation or by the Army Command terrestrial transportation must be bolivoa.

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Under this Act are the Human Pathogens Importation Regulations which set out the criteria for the containment, safe.

Bolivia: Decreto Supremo Nº , 19 de diciembre de

Breaches of the provisions of the law are subject to imprisonment for a period of years and a fine ranging from 5, sucres. There are strict controls on the creation, opening and operation of any installation or establishment producing biological substances or medical or laboratory equipment or material, or other articles for medical use, which are subject to the quality standards required by the relevant international bodies. Death or serious bodily injury or substantial material damage through the release, dissemination or impact of toxic chemicals, biological agents or toxins or similar substances, or radiation or radioactive material.

Instruction on inspection supervision in production and maintenance of weapons and military equipment, Foreign Trade Act No. The experimental research, interim trial and production and different safety levels should apply to corresponding agency for approval. Article 3, chapter I on objectives, scope and basic definitions prohibits in the national territory the conduct of activities related to the development, production, stockpiling, acquisition, retention, use or transfer of: They also prescribe the safety of animals, plants and microbes.

The Defence Exportation of Goods Regulations, Crimes Biological Weapons Act Requires approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for permits for foreign trade in military materiel, outlines licensing provisions and also punishments for violation under Act. Notes that the Ministry for Defense controls the export of defense and related goods from Australia through a system of export licenses.

Prohibits the development, production, stockpiling, acquisition, retention or use of biological or microbiological agents or toxins of a type or in quantities that have no justification for prophylactic, protective or other purposes.

Amendment of 2 April of the Royal Decree of 8 March Outlines crimes in relation to the law and corresponding punishments, including the crime of the genetic manipulation of germ cells. Approves the rules and regulations of the commission, its membership and the membership of 24501 group of experts under the. When this act causes damage to peoples’ lives it is sentenced up to 15 years in prison. Also prohibits the sale, disposal, transport of infected animals without approval.