Complete summary of Heinrich von Kleist’s The Earthquake in Chile. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Earthquake in Chile. The Earthquake in Chile by Heinrich Von Kleist is a German short story that is best known for its question of theodicy and whether there is. The Earthquake in Chile (c. s). By Heinrich von Kleist (). Born in Prussia, Kleist served in the Prussian army, spent time in one of Napoleon’s.

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The pace of the story is great and I imagine, had I read it in English, I would have wizzed through it. Some may see this as a punishment. In the chaos and confusion that follows, the two lovers and their child are saved. ,leist

The sermon compares the earthquake to God’s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and speaks specifically of Josephe and Jeronimo’s sin. Many thanks to their original creators.

Das Erdbeben in Chili

Do we each receive our own punishment for what we have done? The mob turn on the two lovers and kill them and the child that they assume to be theirs. At the conclusion, Don Fernando compares Juan and Philip and considers how he had acquired them, and remarks; “It almost seemed to him that he should be glad. And they are supposed to follow this path to the best of their ability. How much control does he have over mankind? The town is scandalized.


Earhtquake es bleibt ihnen nicht mehr viel Zeit Justice can been seen in several ways. The people of the city are searching for an answer as for why god would create an earthquake that destroyed buildings and some people.

The earthquake had saved the two lovers, and they were secretly reunited. I found the passage in which Juan is lying lifeless in the floor, dead and with his ‘brains spilling out’, perhaps one of the most shocking I’ve ever read. On her way to her execution as the earthquake strikes, Josephe rescues her son from the convent, where she had entrusted him to an abbess.

Jason Lieblang Arts One. That need is so strong that people will literally kill for hit. He went to Berlin early in the year and penned his drama “Die Familie Ghonorez”.

Jun 18, Stopfi rated it liked it. Apr 13, Dennis rated it it was amazing. A teacher seduces his pupil, she gets send to a convent, he follows her, impregnates her. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

En verdad era grande el atrevimiento de nuestro joven escritor. Do the elite receive a less harsh punishment?


The Earthquake in Chile – Wikipedia

Is there one God? Although they are temporarily freed, a mob tries to kill the two lovers and their child but mistakenly kills the wrong child.

Together with many of the survivors, they go to a valley outside the town where an almost paradisal scene unfolds. Kleist was trying to show that in this deviant world, man has little choice as to their future. We readers, in our own ways, commit the same sins of Jeronimo and Josefa. Are all men equal? Kleist sure as hell was a bloke ahead of his time, and I feel like this story is still all too relevant today.

Of course they do. Thanks for stopping by. He just presents a situation in which all should decide for themselves. She complies, and Don Fernando invites the reunited family to join his own. Is their any justice in this situation? They are greeted as friends, and exchange stories and rumours of the happenings in Santiago. About Me For those new to me or my reviews