Composer: Fernando J. Obradors () Teresa Berganza, soprano; Felix Lavilla, piano. Aix-en-provence festival 18 July El Vito. El vito is a traditional folk song and dance music of Andalusia whose origins can be traced back to the 16th century. Its name refers to the “disease” known as St. Fernando (Ferran) Jaumandreu Obradors (–) was a Spanish composer . Obradors His orchestral work “El Poema de la Jungla” is inspired by The Jungle Book stories by Rudyard Kipling. Many of his contemporaries left Spain to .

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The ease in which she performed all aspects of this song was so entertaining.

And I really like Teresa Berganza’s facial expressions and body language in here. The drama and excitement is gripping and very much sounds like something that would appeal to bull fighters.

The piano is very reminiscent of the guitar with the repetitions, and the singer uses her face very well obradosr interpret the text.

Canciones Clásicas Españolas, Vol.3 (Obradors, Fernando)

Vincent April 10, at 8: Her body obradoes was great as well. It reminds me of Flamenco music, and I can see her move her shoulders slightly as if she’s controlling herself from breaking into Flamenco dancing.


Andrew April 5, at Katalin April 7, at 2: Ulysses April 6, at Another thrilling piece that keeps you on the edge of your seat! It kind of feels not quite finished even though the way the pianist played the final chords would indicate an end.

Ashleigh April 9, at 2: I wonder if the obradorss repeated notes that are so difficult on the piano are an example of “punteado” as was described by Kimball in the reading. The piece is vitk atmospheric and has the feeling of being in the tavern, as is the origin of the piece. The Links and Labels below should be helpful in finding what you are looking for. Teresa Berganza, as always, perfectly exemplifies this style. Ben April 2, at 4: I love this piece and have Sierra’s obadors eyes in mind as I was listening.

The relatively lenghty prelude is really carried by the repeated notes in the piano. What a sensual piece. Dylan Bunten April 9, at 9: Con el vito, vito, vito, con el vito, vito, va. Another example of a translation from guitar to piano.


El vito – Wikipedia

Sarah Benzinger April 5, at Yoshi April 10, at 9: Then there is a break in the dance again when the piano has its little interlude. Teresa Berganza does this perfectly, beautifully, and with dramatic intent.

This piece does not end how I would have expected. Connie April 6, at It feels less like a dance until Berganza comes in.

It was so nice to hear it performed by such an expert vocalist.

Fernando Obradors

It is such an effective performance. It embodies so much of what one expects of the “Spanish” sound. I can really hear the inspiration from the guitar.