In short Eldar Corsairs are about as mech-capable as Eldar (without At this point in 7E, with all the crazy formations and powerful codex’s out. Eldar Corsairs Codex Forge World – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Hi all, Zyekian here to take a look at the great new and updated units the Corsair Codex has to offer. The rules here can be found in the Imperial.

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The crewmen that take up arms are known simply as corsairs, individuals that rise to position of authority within a corsair squad are referred to as sergeants.

Retrieved from ” https: Bio-explosive ammo shuriken pistol: When a prince enters a land battle he never leaves his vessel outside his command. The classic and fluffy way to cogsairs Balestrikes is in a unit of 5 with jetpacks and Dark Lances, taking advantage of Relentless and jump-shoot-jump to add some decent backfield anti-tank shooting.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar Corsairs (7E)

A clear example of the exodite influence on the corsair culture, dragon knights are skilled warriors armed with laser lances and mounted on large carnivorous reptiles. Please login or register. After some final minor revisions, the Word document was saved as a PDF.

When struck the shells explode.

Eldar Corsairs Tactics: The Balestrike Band – Bell of Lost Souls

This causes the corsair forces to drift towards tactics and equipment typically shunned, or not even conceived of, by crosairs eldar. For the most up to date reports about what is going on with the forum, and the latest topics of interestthrow us a like on Facebookand if you’re wanting some light banter with the seasoned and spiced members, join the Second Sphere Members Group.


The weapon is highly reliable and favored over the shuriken catapult by the exodites who find it ideal for their type of guerilla warfare. The ship hangs in geosynchronous orbit awaiting a chance to strike.

A highly efficient laser weapon utilized by the eldar. Eldar Tactics warhammer 40k. While most corsair princes generally lack the resources when compared to the armies that the craftworlds are able to produce, wldar Princes achieve such a level of notoriety and wealth that they elar to a small craftworld in their capabilities.

The deathspitter fires volleys of maggot-like creatures that explode upon contact with a target burning flesh with acidic juices. This weapon fires pods that explode and release a coil of vines that constrict and crush its targets. Available in paperback and pdf.

Codex – Eldar Corsairs Angry Pirate Edition

Models caught in the spray only have a brief instant to tear themselves free before the mucus hardens into a substance stronger than concert. The lieutenant will bestow the advantages of their methodology to the squad they are leading and count as a squad upgrade for targeting purposes. Shuriken pistol, close combat, refraction field, Haywire and Plasma grenades. Any codsairs can exchange their shuriken pistol for a lasblaster for free.

While similar to the crude constructions of the other races the eldar powerfist is of far superior design. Eldar Corsairs Fluff The term “eldar corsair” is bestowed by the imperum in an attempt to classify a rather broad range of eldar, basically any space fairing eldar eldra either craftworld or exodite origins, but not under the direct authority of a craftworld or exodite world are assigned this title.

At the start of the corsairs turn should a zoat unit find itself within Synapse range reduce their Ld. The most able body and war ready of the shipmates are eldag as corsairs.


The kroots prosper greatly from this relationship, as the eldar are able to ferry them across the galaxy exposing them to new genetic material in a manner that the tau never could. The carnosaur chewed the ork commander, limbs and torn flesh falling to the ground while the remain boyz marred its hide with their choppas. Worth meaning that the amount of situations in which one taking the option is better is not overwhelming compared to the amount of situations in which the options is worse.

Eldar Corsair Codex – Articles – DakkaDakka

This is an enlargement of the tyranid fleshborer used by the termagants. Lastly, if the unit does not have jetpacks, a unit of 5 may take a Corsair Venom, and a unit of 6 or more may take a Corsair Falcon as dedicated transport.

Corsairs trade the safety and security of the craftworlds and exodite planets for riches and adventure that is offered in the wilderness of space. Corsairs often use weapons that are able overcome an opponent with the slightest cut. Up to four corsairs can purchase the following weapons; power fist at 10 points, power weapon for 5 points, plasma pistol for 10 points, fusion gun for 8 points, flamer for 6 points, demo-charge for 10 points.

Alternatively, bring in Redemption Force on Turn 3, and have the Corsairs come in on Turn 2 and run around killing stuff, leaving the army crippled before the Deathwing come in and finish up. This is a small device that protects an individual by creating a bubble of energy to disperse enemy attacks.