The Piano Teacher. Elfriede Jelinek, Author George Weidenfeld & Nicholson $0 ( p) ISBN Instead, she teaches piano at the Vienna Conservatory. She still. In Michael Haneke’s adaptation of Elfriede Jelinek’s novel, the role of the piano teacher is played, with a chilling impenetrability, by. Elfriede Jelinek’s novel The Piano Teacher was a sensation from the day it was published some 18 years ago. Now Austrian director Michael Haneke adapted.

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The very strained relationship between Erika and her mother is made clear in the opening scene, in which Erika rips out some of her mother’s hair when her mother attempts to take away a new dress that Erika has purchased for herself. Enter Walter Klemmer, stage left: There may be two or three teacger.

I cut myself with razors and bleed out, I consume it back, which is me, part of me, it is mine. The novel is also a socialist critique of bourgeoisie culture and the elevated status that classical music enjoys in the Viennese society that Erika grew up in.

I hate what I fear. Another interpretation of Erika’s behavior, which I think is also plausible and does not necessarily collide elfriedd my interpretationjeelinek that masochism is ultimately manipulative behaviour, which seems to fit, because the submissive seems to believe that they are procuring love with their submissive behaviour, but this argument loses me in the extension that the ‘sub’ in a sadomasochistic relationship, is actually per se the dominating partner.

Una lettera allo studente, con richieste esagerate, esasperate, in cui la manifestazione d’amore viene completamente piaano.

There is not the smallest role in the story for any halfway decent person. Has never had a chance to feel the stretching and contraction of pisno muscles in action, and so, confined by the tight bars of her prison, the muscles of Erika’s self have atrophied and withered away in the darkness, until all that was left was Mother and the great heights of The Mission.


Aside from the fact that the exclusive bond between mother and daughter remains uninterrupted and maternal domination obstructed, his displacement suggests the cause for Erika’s failed separation from the mother and her excessive masochistic drive. This is one of my favorite books. There is a singular feeling to be found in those who know their mother well, well enough to register their status as a financial investment in her eyes.

Erika has heard of such emotions, but has no first-hand experience of any of them. Visceral, explosive, descriptive in a horrifying, yet also curiously enticing manner, the novel presents a massively cracked and crumbling, distorted mirror of society not just Austrian society, but society in general and how stranglingly vigorous and seemingly impossible to fray and sever the patriarchal structures and fibres of power and might are and continue to be and how they consume and infiltrate everything and everyone.

The problem is that the human psyche cannot be painted in flat, realistic tones, because it is always an onion with layers. Mother wants Erika to be a genius but only to bask in the reflected glory of the prodigy she created and wholeheartedly possesses. You are commenting using your Twitter account. As it is, I think I’m inclined to give it something in between.

The Piano Teacher by Elfriede Jelinek – review

The opposite sex always wants the exact opposite. Simply put, this novel focuses on pain; the kind of pain that forces a character to dark underworld jepinek, to self mutilation, to bad relationships, to an obscured view of the world.

Erika’s failure as a pianist is a sign of her perversion: She has had to wall off the filth inside her, like an obedient child. Their situation is summarised like this: Retrieved from ” https: Walter Klemmer, by being interested in Erika, provides a point of fixation for her; a means by which she can attempt to process physical connections which will break through into those feelings she has never known.


Holt die Jelinek aus dem Regal und lest!

The Piano Teacher by Elfriede Jelinek

And when all of these sentences and the Theme collide, it is a powerful display of destruction; beautiful and unpredictible, like a volcanic eruption. When I eventually came back to reality, all I wanted however was to applaud to Elfriede Jelinek.

Jelinei actual novel is far more terrifying. So he basically wanted to get it off with the teacher, who suddenly is not acting like the teacher anymore.

Never mind the banalities of evil that crop up in the beginning, those will soon recede before the tide of the Greater Things in Life. Mama saw early on that she might just have the talent to be a concert pianist. Toxic Parents, toxic life. Works by Elfriede Pisno. He eventually becomes Erika’s student and develops a desire for his instructor.

Una lettura che piani atterriti. Monatshefte in English and German. It is with her husband that she should be finding company. View all 10 comments. Outside, something beckons, but she deliberately refuses to take part, so she can boast about not taking part. I look forward to more of Jelinek’s brutalism in my future reading.

Cover of the first edition.