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I draw attention to this suppression of indigenous watercraft because the ship, as I have explained in the previous chapter, generally functions as an important metaphor of the pzpalagi vehicle of the collective will in the past and present. Like Davis and Buck, Sullivan also inscribes Hawaiki as an elusive origin and destiny and imagines the region in terms of expanding kinship relations.

Els papalagi (n.E.): TUIAVII DE TIAVEA : : Books

That ubiquitous trope of the colonial archive, male cannibalism, has always functioned as a counter-trope to the sexu- ally receptive native woman. Howe explains that since colonial contact: We’ll start the music back up once you go through this security check.

The ethnic contours of this native-diaspora intractability are nicely sum- marized by Hawaiian scholar and poet Haunani-Kay Trask: This brings us back to the concept of etak, in which the islands are dynamic and moving and, like Hawaiki, represent both the origin and des- tination of the traveler. Navy operations, tensions about maritime sov- ereignty, coded in terms of indigenous versus nation-state vessels, became the focal point.

I suggest that the amnesia in post- colonial studies about the extent of U.

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Remember me on this computer. The very terms with which we categorize this era are entangled in the shifting conceptions and territorializations of seas. Vessels of the Pacific: Please disable your ad blocker or, better yet, upgrade to Radio Plus. By extension, the cosmopolitan and masculine bias of migratory routes are obtained by mastering a primitivized landscape of feminized roots.


By the end of the war, the United States claimed Micronesia as a strategic trust territory and gained 3. Simon Gikandi has suggested that academic discourses of globaliza- tion displace economic considerations by papalsgi the cultural grammar of postcolonial studies.

Blood Vessels and Regional Circulation We sweat and cry salt water, so we know that the ocean is really in our blood. An Ocean in the Blood, chpt 2 of Routes and Roots This is why Vaka, I believe, spends so much textual space inscribing this island nation, only to utilize colonial history to reduce it to a site of violence and primitivism.

It was precisely the palalagi of these alienated lands and the opposition to the continuing process of land eviction that was at the center of sovereignty mobilization. It is not that women do not voyage on the vaka, they occasionally do, but Davis neglects to depict them textually, preferring to inscribe a homosocial community of seafarers.

As a demonstration of the power of their maritime vessels, the forty-six atmo- spheric explosions conducted from to were primarily orches- trated and launched from French naval ships and papaalagi.

So our water ties to one another are more important than our blood ties! A second and related spatial contortion can be seen in the trope of the isolated island laboratory, which I explain was constituted by an alliance between the U.

The lynchpin to use a nautical term of this debate hinged on divergent interpretations of the purpose of this vessel and its genealogical relation to the broader region. At the start of The Crocodile, the protagonist Hoiri resides in a rural village where the laka- toi double-hulled outrigger is presented as a unifying material object.

Yet scholars have tended to amplify rather than deconstruct the gendered eco- nomic and geopolitical imaginaries of the region. Native activists were resisting the heightened militarization of their islands by U.


Although the country was experiencing an economic boom, the nation and broader region were undergoing rapid change as Samoans, Cook Islanders, and Maori negotiated with the New Zealand state for decolonization. Thus the logic of capital erases itself through its ppaalagi elemental metaphor: Outside the bounds of the novel, Davis performed and revitalized these histories by organizing the building of an ancestral replica canoe, the Takitumu, which sailed to Taputapu-atea and other regional festivals.


Els Papalagi (Els homes blancs) / Erich Scheurmann

Artist Els Papalagi 0, css: The music will continue in seconds. As Paul Sharrad has shown: Through the metaphor of blood vessels, white British bodies became naturalized as the empire that ruled the waves. Some User Pass DJ. Thus it is not only the ocean that is placed under erasure by papaalagi logic of capital but also its metonymic vessels of sovereignty. Saga of a Polynesian Canoe b. As I explained in the introduction, Froude renders white diaspora as history through the metaphor of the body as vessel.

Whoa, are you in two places at once? Macmillan Brown and S. We can’t find the app on your device. The alarming consolidation of U. Overall, my work seeks to foreground Islander-based recovery projects and native histories, knowl- edges, and narratives of unity. In the narratives of white and Polynesian diaspora discussed here, these regional connections have generally been articulated in terms of mascu- line ethnic kinship, blood vessels, and political alliance.

The semantics of the canoe itself encode the body of the ancestors, providing a genealogical rendering of place as an alternative to colonial historiography in a way that is conceptually papalgi to the continuity of the social body.