s. Radin, D. I. (). Out of one’s mind or beyond the brain: The challenge of interpreting near-death experiences. Missouri Medicine, (1), Radin . In his book, “Entangled Minds”, Dean Radin blends his experience as a scientist with his sincere desire to present readers with easily understood and timely. Entangled Minds is Dean Radin’s second book on the science of psychic phenomena (or, more generally, “psi”). As with his first book, The Conscious Universe.

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The challenge of interpreting near-death experiences. Psi is reframed from a bizarre anomaly that doesn’t fit into the normal world – and hence labeled paranormal – into a natural phenomenon of physics. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine10 It should be clear to anyone familiar with this literature that this area of research will one day profoundly influence the future of science. The Humanistic Psychologist35 3. But the latest scientific research shows that these phenomena are both real and widespread, and are an unavoidable consequence of the interconnected, entangled physical reality we live in.

As we explore the concept of psi as “entangled minds,” we’ll consider examples of psi experiences in life and lab, we’ll review the origins of psi research, we’ll explore the results of thousands of controlled laboratory tests, and we’ll debunk skeptical myths about psi.

Both concepts have been proven enough for me to take a very serious look at the possibility that there is a highway at a deep level of consciousness that we all should be watching for events that may seem like extreme coincidence when we actually have been duped into thinking that they are random coincidences instead of an internal Quantum highway of information that makes us feel like we are experiencing deja vu all over again. When it comes to serious topics like the nature of reality, it’s sensible to adopt the conservative maxim, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


And by cross-reference of these observations we can see distant points suddenly starting to connect.

But happen with regularity it does. Sep 18, Aliemms added it.

Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality

Towards a complex systems model of psi performance. To really see what’s going on with anything you often have to stand aside from your preconceptions. One of the most surprising discoveries of modern physics is that objects aren’t as separate entsngled they may seem.

Spreading activation processor for information encoded in network structures.

Dean Radin – Entangled Minds

Sign up and get a free eBook! The second half is what I find much more interesting. Are phantasms fact or fantasy? Entangled connections between carefully prepared atomic-sized entabgled can persist over many miles.

Six experiments Physics Essays26 4 I’m not complaining–this is certainly important for posterity and for fellow scientists. The statistical evidence of this is overwhelming, and certainly far beyond that which would be required in any branch of nonparanormal science. Journal of Consciousness Studies12 6 The author says, “Something very interesting xean going on here.

Apr 16, Shelli rated it really liked it Shelves: At the end, we’ll find rarin the 19th century English poet, Francis Thompson, may have said it best: Investigating a possible entajgled factor, Journal of Alternative and Complementary MedicineVolume 13, Number 7, pp. Definitions and evolving guidelines for laboratory studies. My issue with Radin’s approach in this book is that he tries to, on the one hand, validate some aspects of metaphysics while, on the other hand, dismiss and deride it throughout the book in order to distance himself and the work he describes from anything “new age.


Entangoed had to read it twice. Some scientists suggest that the remarkable degree of coherence displayed in living systems might depend in some fundamental way on quantum effects like entanglement. That is, certain types of events cause large numbers of humans to think about the same subject, and to hold similar emotions.

An informative read for anyone interested in psi, and a must read for those who also have an interest in quantum physics. However, I paraphrase the author Science is meant to explain what we do not radjn, that is the very foundation and purpose of Science. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

That is where the name came from. It den through the history of the most scientifically relevant studies in psychic phenomena, since their inception. Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine4 1 Prayer and intention in distant healing: Don’t let the “paranormal” label put you off He then goes on to explain why quantum theory should be considered the prime candidate for explaining the manifestation of psi. Then we’ll explore the fabric of reality as revealed by modern physics and see why it’s becoming increasingly dsan to understanding why and how psi exists.