¿Hay un déficit de comprensión gramatical en el Deterioro Cognitivo Leve . in the control group were: (a) Global Deterioration Scale (GDS) ≤ 2 (Reisberg, .. Validez clínica de dos escalas instrumentales en la enfermedad de Alzheimer. -Escala de demencia de Blessed (), valora los cambios de -Escala global de deterioro de Reisberg (), sitúa a el paciente en su. Se seleccionó una muestra de sujetos para aplicar las escalas, de los . cognitive impairment, regarding the Global Impairment Scale by Reisberg ().

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Leisure and free time are part of the life of elder people, and there are a great part of individuals who are involved in sociocultural activities which make reference mainly to activities which are programmed by social centers, or regional elder centers, women or education town councillor: Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, 20 4 English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail.

Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 30 5 Detefioro lowest results in grammatical comprehension test corresponded always to the sentences not fitted to CWOS, whatever the group considered.

I have a nice day though others I feel slump in moral E Yes, I have lots of friends E Regarding Deteruoro and Alom the cognitive stage which states between normal conditions and insane, is characterized with cognitive deficit which is acquired without affecting the functional skills and the daily routines of people.

The researchers on the cognitive impairment have been concentrated on biomedical models, which traditionally have focused on the characteristics of the individuals, apart from contextual and educational aspects.

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The results show that despite the fact that elderly people have a MCIthey are able deherioro practice activities for improving their quality of life. Neuropsychological tests were administered to the subjects following the standard instructions provided in the users’ manuals. For this reason, we have used a qualitative methodology semistructurated interview after a selection of people applying quantitative scales e.

I start preparing lunch and say: It is really important to point out that elder people who were interviewed are happy, in general terms, with the leisure activities which they do and, even, ask for more if they are given some offers, though on gobal other hand some of them consider it is enough and they do not need more.


Is there a Grammatical Comprehension Deficit in Multidomain Mild Cognitive Impairment?

Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 15 2 That way, the results of such research make us consider that it is possible that there exist other types of variables, so we would have to deepen in these questions by using deep interviews.

Estudio descriptivo de los trastornos conductuales en el deterioro cognitivo leve. Hereby, in this research, the semi structured interview focuses on thematic essences which have orientated the questions which were designed. Mild cognitive impairment; healthy elders; grammatical comprehension; vocabulary; naming; verbal fluency Resumen Pacientes con Deterioro Cognitivo Leve Multidominio DCLm tienen dificultades similares a las observadas en las etapas iniciales de la enfermedad de Alzheimer.

Their relationships, so, are satisfactory at all and they can encourage it in activities in centers for elder people, trips, parties, etc.

In a trial, each pair sentence-picture appeared on the screen until the subject responded “True” or “False”, then a new item appeared on the screen. Discussion This research has concluded that, even in these situations of illness where a person can be diagnosed with DCL, there are some activities which can improve the personal and social development in a reisbergg way.

Este estudio explora las diferencias entre pacientes con DCLm y controles. This fact takes them consider the little capacity for these variables, sex and age to have influence on the personal opinion. Maybe I forget what happened yesterday but I can remember what happened long time ago E Leisure and free time 6. But what it is more notable is, that, in general, despite the fact that they sometime feel slump in moral, all these people who were interviewed were really willing to live and they accept health problems as something natural of their age.

This study explores the differences between mMCI patients and controls using a complete neuropsychological battery, it tries to find out if vocabulary and grammatical comprehension in both groups are predicted by naming and verbal fluency, and seeks the best subset of sentence structures to classify the subjects.

Journal of Psychiatric Research, 12 3 Family usually gives necessary attention, and about all, affection, love and nearness, not as an obligation but as a signal and a human fact which can never be given up. The number of correct responses in these four categories was as measures of grammatical comprehension.

None of the aforementioned predictor variables entered into the regression equations performed for each of the four dependent variables selected. Language comprehension and production in normal aging. I can remember better something which happened long time ago. I am not depressed. The data which we obtained were gathered according to 6 categories of analysis and some subcategories.


Finally, 30 individuals took part in the interview those ones who fulfilled the criteria by Petersen and had escla. All the statistical analysis was performed using SPSS The analysis of the results showed that out of 34 people, 4 of them did not fulfill the necessary requirements so that their autonomy were total, that is to say a ratio by Lawton of 8 the punctuation to be autonomous should be under 8and the comorbility by Charlson between 0 and 1, as it involves a risk of mortality.

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Introduction Both, ageing the population worldwide, and increasing the quality of life of elderly people, are two of the principal aims along XX century.

Ridep, 30 2detrrioro Once we obtained the necessary permissions, we proceeded to start the fieldwork of research which consisted of: Discussion Beyond ecsala differences found between both groups in neuropsychological tests, and regarding the first objective of this study, the analyses have shown that mMCI patients had worse performance on reisberb than controls and also presented less variability.

A hybrid architecture for working memory: Loneliness can be faced up with nearness, affection and love. Journal of Ageing Studies, 6, Next to last, we have taken into account leisure, as it involves lots of contradictions when facing that stage of life when they have more free time.

Yes, certainly, I get on well with my sons and daughters which is the principal thing, and with my family E This procedure was repeated until the end of the test. The application of the subtest began globl five examples in which adequate feedback was provided to participants.

Results Descriptive Analyses and Comparisons between Groups Table 2 shows the descriptives of the two groups in all neuropsychological tests used in the study, as well as the U statistic for between-group comparisons and its significance. Three subtypes of MCI have been recognised, each with a different evolution Mulet et al.