Euphorbia erythraeae () Fl. Trop. Afr. [Oliver et al.] 6(): [Mar ] (nom. illeg., Art. ). Accepted Scientific Name: Euphorbia. Euphorbia candelabrum are succulent house plants that are fairly uniform in size and shape. The distinctive shape resembles a candelabra, hence the name. Candelabrum spurge has such an exotic form that it has become a popular landscape plant. This one is on the grounds of a safari hotel at.

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Knowledge and use of medicinal plants by people around Debre Libanos monastery in Ethiopia.

Euphorbia candelabrum Kotschy

Retrieved 12 January Mixed with clarified honeyits sap was used as a purgative to cure syphilisand when mixed with other medicinal plants as a salve to treat the symptoms of leprosy. Ethnobotany of the Loita Maasai. Click on “show more” to view them.

Euphorbia candelabrum Euphorbia trigona x – 98k – jpg www. Mtungutungii, mtongotongo, mtupa, mtomwu Sw.

Euphorbia candelabrum

If grown as a live fence Euphorbia candelabrum needs continuous reinforcement planting. Back to Succulents Encyclopedia index. Latex constituents of Euphorbia candelabrum, Euphorbia grantii, Euphorbia tirucalli and Synadenium grantii.


Cyathia candwlabrum wide, peduncles up to 5 mm long stout, nectar glands elliptic yellow, almost touching. The stems can be used as firewood, although the smoke is irritant. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Articles containing Oromo-language text All stub articles. National Museums of Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya. Keep almost completely dry in winter.


Email this to a friend Print Share on facebook Tweet this. Columnar, angular branches, cm wide, constricted into ovate segment approx. All Euphorbias contain a white candelbrum that can be irritating to eyes and mucous membranes. Ingenol and its derivatives show tumour-promoting activity, but also anti-HIV and anti-leukaemia activities. Carter has 2-celled fruits instead of 3-celled fruits of var.

Euphorbia candelabrum | Famine Foods – Purdue University

Red Sea Press, suphorbia, pp. It is an easy species to grow that is suited for any well drained soil in full sun. Retrieved 4 February There are 91 citation in scholarly articles related to Euphorbia candelabrum Kotschy. Euphorbia candelabrum Euphorbia candelabrum x – 17k – jpg www. Smooth, subglobose, 4,5 x 3,5 mm wide. Capsules about 12 x 15 mm wide, subglobose, fleshy, white turning red, hardening brown, becoming deeply 3-lobed at maturity before dehiscence.

Flora of Tropical East Africa. Redrawn and adapted by Achmad Satiri Nurhaman. Back to Euphorbiaceae index.

Fresh, pounded branches are thrown into watering holes and streams as a fish poison and to poison wild animals. The soft, euphrbia wood is used as firewood and for roofing, matches, boxes, tables and saddles. Despite the many traditional medicinal uses, not much is known concerning the chemistry and pharmacology of Euphorbia candelabrum. Ovate lanceolate, cm long only on new growth at stems tips.


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The latex is very toxic and may cause blindness when it comes candleabrum contact with the eyes. The sticky latex is used as birdlime.

Cologne Development Studies 8. Medicinal plants of the Shinasha, Agew-awi and Amhara peoples in northwest Ethiopia. Ethnoveterinary medicine in Kenya. Citation in web searches. Buenecker Euphorbia candelabrum var. The branches of Euphorbia ingens are usually more distinctly and shortly segmented, the teeth along the angles are usually further apart and the branch tips bear fewer inflorescences.

It is used to stupefy fish, making it possible to catch them by hand. This tree can be grown in large, rocky, well-drained soil in gardens in drier areas.

Berger See all synonyms of Euphorbia abyssinica. This page was last edited on 3 Octoberat Euphorbia candelabrum Euphorbia candelabrum x – 34k – jpg rrrmarina. Testing beyond ethnomedical claims: Candelabra tree, tree euphorbia En.