Fantasy Wargaming has 37 ratings and 6 reviews. Ned said: This is an artifact from the early days of role-playing. The authors are British students who p. I’ve written quite a bit about Fantasy Wargaming, a book that was written by a circle of gamers in and around Cambridge University under the. Results 1 – 30 of 37 Fantasy Wargaming: The Highest Level of All by Bruce Galloway and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

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This is the only section whose authorship I have been able to confirm — Nick Lowe —, although I have not been pursuing the other copyright holders so far, as Nick Lowe has provided so much information. Best Selling in Textbooks, Education See all. The final section of the FW rules cover monsters, magical beings, and general fauna. Dragon “We are here on Earth to fart around.

Firstly, there’s its title. Fantasy combined with never-before-explored logic for expert players.

The dust jacket is in good shape, with no rips or tears, but with some slight wear along edges and corners. Why should PCs be invulnerable to fear and anger?

Fantasy Wargaming

I did my own little review of it here. Still have it, though This allows the question to be asked, but does not determine the answer.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: If a GM feels a character is not being played well, he may use these rules to compel the character to succumb to temptations.

On April 22, at Wargaminh a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Any resemblance between that and galloway of rural England was purely in our twisted minds. One thing I can shed definitive light on is the enigmatic MW: I try to use public domain images, or my own photos or drawings whenever possible. Before the days of computerized layouts and all that, books often took several years between submission and print.

Fantasy Wargaming

There are four sections:. On a success, whether or not there is a penalty, the power appealed to bruec do what was asked, casting a spell or counterspell, giving information, etc. This site is no longer being updated. PB is determined by the total number of Piety points a character has accumulated, and can be a negative number or positive.

The combat factors are detailed in a long list, and the movement rules are very vague by the hair-splitting standards of modern wargames.

He had an uncanny knack of being able to spot all of the clues the other characters had missed well, with me playing him he would.

Morale has more luck involved so its not as if the battle is decided entirely by deployment. Fantasy Wargaming is published by Patrick Stephens Ltd.


Which is pretty odd gallowy cow-like animal firing flaming excrement as a defense.

Fantasy Wargaming by Bruce Galloway

Cornelis van der Weele IV rated it liked it Oct 17, Sheppard’s Crook The occasional blog of a closet would -be wargamer and modeller. Accumulate enough mana and you may be eligible for promotion. We entered a suggestion that computerised wargames were possible and might even be popular.

Quarrie was probably the mediator between the publishers and Galloway.

The Highest Level of All: For all its oddities — or perhaps because of them — I pull it off my shelf every now and again and read through it, if only to remind myself that, while its focus may galpoway shifted over the years, the craziness of gamers has remained a glorious constant of the hobby for as long as I’ve been involved in it.

Devil-worshipers belong to Covens which also range up to rank 10 Anti-pope.

I think this is especially true of the next two chapters.