Full text of “FBI MIOG Sec Informants”. See other formats. Sensitive Manual of Investigative Operation! and Guidelines Part I PAGE ” 1 SECTION FBI Manual of Investigative Operations and Guidelines (Section on Informants) = 74 pages. This article will focus on how to research FBI policies and procedures for the operation of informants.

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FBI MIOG Sec Informants : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

FBIHQ should be advised of the details of all such transactions. The SAC’s written determination and a record of the United States Attorney’s approval shall be immediately forwarded to a senior Headquarters official designated by the Director, and to the Assistant Attorney General in migo of the Criminal Division or his designee, in a form suitable to protect the identity of the informant.

He has 27 years of Federal law enforcement experience and has testified as an expert in Federal and state courts. The insert will contain the informant’s symbol number and the imog the information wai provided.

A secure teletype must be submitted to FBIHQ setting forth the facts and circumstances concerning the informant’s violent activity, what notification or request has been made to state or local law enforcement or prosecutive authorities, what use will be made of any information gathered through the activity; and, whether the office will continue to use the informant.

Although tabulations are not furnished to the Department, they must reflect all amounts contained in the FMS. Information contained herein was obtained confidentially. In these situations, the request should stt forth adequate justification for the enhanced authority level. In situations where notification to state or local authorities is determined to be inadvisable, or where any request or recommendation is made to state or local authorities to delay or forego enforcement action, the field office must advise FBIHQ of: All approvals must be recorded in writing.


Statistical accoapl ishaents attributed to inforaation or assistance provided by this informant. The MIOG is a massive multiple volume document that is not searchable. Quality of the information furnished by the informant. All security i concerns should be resolved in favor of hand-carrying sensitive information by an Agent.

Does not claim as income money he receives for information. The action taken and the justification! This determination should be documented in the informant’s main file. SaC authorization is only required in instances where the informant is traveling on behalf of or at the behest of the FB1.

An extension of the initial day period may be I authorized by the SAC. In such instances, the Section Chief, Hhite-Collar Crimes Section, FBIHQ, who has a national perspective on matters involving public officials, must be consulted for a determination of sensitive circumstances.

Care must-be exercised to ensure that informants do not par ticipate in consensual monitoring activities. A determination to then continue use of the informant or confidential source must be approved by the Director or muog senior Headquarters official, after consultation with the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division or his designee.

The original insert will be filed in the informant’s subfile and a copy will be routed to the pertinent substantive case file. Transcripts of conversations of the informant will be handled in the same manner as an FD Uses his relationship with the FBI to mkog local, state, and Federal charges dismissed.

Participation in the activities of a group under investigation a.

Any correspondence regarding additional payment authority, participation in extraordinary criminal activity, and unauthorized criminal activity are to be transmitted by secure teletype to FBIHQ. This may be infrequent as a few times per year, or as frequent as several times per week. Tabulation of all payments, broken down as to services and expenses. Any decision not to destroy all information about the person or entity shall be recorded with explanatory facts and circumstances in an investigative case file and shall be reviewed periodically by the SAC or designated field supervisor.


The supervisor shall mil. This document contains the history of the FBI’s use of informants.

Manual of Investigative Operations and Guidelines (MIOG)

The evaluation should ,iog based on both contributions consisting of statistical accomplishments and intelligence concerning investigative efforts. If information from the informant is so singular in nature or reported in a manner which would tend to identify the informant, a succinct ‘summary of the pertinent information should be filed mjog the substantive file. Care must be taken to ensure that the choice of the code name does not tend to identify the informant’s true name, occupation, or information which is unique to the informant.

Where funds are advanced in this manner, the field office must ensure that the actual expenses incurred by the informant are determined and reconciled with the advanc e of f unds.

The nature of the information gained as a result of the violation; and 4. Administrative and identifying data is to be maintained in the main file and all information, reports, etc.

All such indexing should be done from substantive files. The fact that these instruction, have been given to the ta.