Bronquiectasia e fisioterapia desobstrutiva: ênfase em drenagem postural e postural e a percussão são efetivas na mobilização da secreção pulmonar, uma . NAC. rtousp () Limpeza brônquica na portadores de bronquiectasia, atendidosno Laboratóriode Fisioterapia Respiratória do. Primera página del artículo de sobre bronquiectasias. y no están tan habituados al empleo de la fisioterapia respiratoria como tratamiento. na. De todos ellos, el análisis multivariado determinó que la presencia de obstrucción.

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Analyzing the results, they observed a greater impact on the health of the patients that utilized Flutter, reflected in the fisiooterapia of hospitalizations and in the pulmonary function. Nevertheless, there are no application protocols that prove their efficiency in the maintenance or the improvement of pulmonary function in patients with cystic fibrosis or bronchiectasis.

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The immunological component of the celular inflammatory infiltrate in bronchiectasis. Bronchopneumonia with serious sequelae in children with evidence of adenovirus type 21 infection. The most common symptoms were cough J Lab Clin Med ; OBJECTIVE To verify the efficacy of postural ha with percussion on the bronchial hygiene of bronchiectasic patients in recent studies as well as the effect on associations with other techniques. How to cite this article.


Bronchiectasis: diagnostic and therapeutic features A study of patients

Immediate and long-term results of bronchial artery embolization for life-threatening hemoptysis. Surg Gynecol Obstet ; Causes of death in patients with bronchiectasis. Previous article Back to the Top Next article. Buenos Aires ;59 1: Thus, there is an apparent need for further studies comparing conventional clearance techniques in particular in respect to bronchiectasis.

Results of surgical and conservative management: Pulmonary function tests in fifty patients with bronchiectasis. Bronchiectasis in systemic diseases.

Pryor [13] stressed the efficiency of the maneuvers of forced expiration and Caromano et al. Ann Thorac Surg ; In the literature, only bronquiectasix study, published by Van der Schans et al.

The Brazilian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery is indexed in: Bronchiectasis most frequently involves both the lower lobes; when the involvement is unilateral it affects the terminal bronchi and bronchia and is more frequently seen on the left and in the lingula and medial lobe. Frequency in several pulmonary diseases.

Enlargement of the bronchial arteries and their anastomoses with the pulmonary arteries in bronchiectasis. The varicose form, on the other hand, presents with greater dilation, local constrictions and an irregular format; the most severe form is represented by the saccate form, with rounded dilations and the absence of communication with the pulmonary parenchyma [1].

In the majority of the patients, lung resection surgery improved permanently the prolonged bronchopulmonary symptoms of patients with bronchiectasis, differently from the patients who received only clinical treatment.


A continuing challenge in developing countries. J Thorac Surg ; However, there are few studies that show the association of these techniques, even though they are commonly used in clinical practice. The cylindrical form is characterized by homogenous dilation but maintains its form and communication with the distal parenchyma [5].

The follow up showed that most of the surgically treated patients had significant symptoms improvement and rarely needed to be re-hospitalized. Eur Respir J ; Am Rev Respir Dis ; A comparison of the therapeutic effectiveness of and preference for postural drainage and percussion, intrapulmonary percussive ventilation, and high-frequency chest wall compression in hospitalized cystic fibrosis patients.

Bronchiectasis is classified in cylindrical, varicose and saccate and in focal or multiple segmental. Jamnik S, Santoro IL. The presented beneficial effects with an increase in the expectoration and pulmonary clearance; however, statistically significant effects in the pulmonary function variables or differences between the use of manual and mechanical techniques were not observed.