Background: When released, the FR-A/A offered unmatched functionality and reliability Please confirm all specifications with the applicable manuals. Thank you for choosing the Mitsubishi Inverter. This instruction manual gives handling informalion and precautions for use of this equipment. fr-ak manual Related manual: sgdhae manual, lenze highline manual, elau mc 4 manual, Mitsubishi FREQROL-A / A Manual (pdf).

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Use the start slgnal at the inverter. New version has the same or higher number. Re-set the requlred parameters before starting operation. I0I Attaching the front coverInsert the tabs 2 pcs.

Mitsubishi FREQROL-A024 / A044 General Purpose Inverter

It also has the terminals tor brake gr-a024. This instruction manual gives handling informalion and precautions for use of this equipment.

MeasuresInsert a diode to prevent undesirable c u m t. Always make sure that polarky is correct to prevent damage, etc. Handle the Inverter carefully; refer to the description and caution information provided in this manual.

Published on Nov View Download 5. Before starting wiring or inspection, wHch power OH, wait for more than 10 minutes, and check for no residual voltage with a tester. Mitsubishi Freqrol S Manual Pdf ign. The procedure to set the default mode for the mode which is established when power is turned on is explained on page Select the necessary items by referring to the table on page 9 Operation Control Modes.


To reduce the effect of mains conducted electromagnetic interference, use a RFI noise finer.

A/A Series VFD Legacy Products | Mitsubishi Electric Americas

Grounding Due to hgh-speed switching operation of the i n verter,leakagecurrentwill be increased corn pared to conventional inverters. Mitsubishi Freqrol A Inverter freqrol a user’s guide service manual mitsubishi freqrol a PreparationofApparatusandComponentsNecessary lor Operation The apparatus and components to be used differ depending on the application requirements. Do no1 operate a the inverter is damaged or has parts missing.

Prepare an emergency stop switch separately. Mitsubishi Freqrol A Inverter a Mitsubishi freqrol a inverter manual, Therelore, h m reroving the front cover, use caUtion not to damage fd-a024 The t e n initialize refers to the operation to reset the parameter values to the factory-setting values.

Additional instructionsp o w.

Reler lo page 38 lor operating instructions. Connect the input power, output to the motor, and control signal lines to the terminal block.

WIRING-Items to 60 Checked when Designing an Application 1 If the application has acommercial power supply selector circuit as shown in the illustration to the mqnual, accidental connection of line I M inverter output terminals will Power power to I damage the inverter.

If they are connected to these terminals, it will damage the inverter. Temperatures applicable for a short time, e. Check the inverter mounting orientation is correct. If writing is attempted in these cases, the error message En.


Operating the inverter using a Single-phase power supply requires derating the output current. Do not use the optional brakeunit and brake resistor simultaneously.

A024/A044 Drives

It a value is input exceeding this limit,the most significant digit is ignored. Two SD terminals are internally connected. Before using the inverter, please read this manual carefully to use the equipment to its optimum.

InstallationInstall the inverter considering location, physical orientation ambient temperature. On inverters equipped manuao i t h a paramem una. Adjust the parameter unit cover position so that the slot faces in the direction as illustrated in the left. This section Is speclfically about safety mattersDo not attempt to install, operate, maintain or insped the inverter until you have read throug, p p e M documents carefuliyand can u s the equipment correctl this instruction manualand a Do not use the inverter until you have a full knowledge of the equipment, safety information an’ instructions.

Surge vonages atributable to the wiring constant may occur at motor terminals, deterioraling the insulation of the motor.