Karl Marx: A Life [Francis Wheen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A brilliant book, by a superb author, about a necessary man. Francis Wheen’s biography of Marx, from which this is extracted, even the most devoted follower of Karl Marx will recognise the merit of Francis’s study. Karl Marx has ratings and 85 reviews. Ahmad said: Karl Marx, Francis Wheenتاریخ نخستین خوانش: هفتم مارس سال میلادیعنوان: کارل مارکس؛ نویسنده.

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You may not be astonished by this thought. Jul 25, Jan-Maat added it Shelves: Analyses of his work, of ideological battles, and a refreshing elucidation of the first chapters of Das Kapital are not just there, but they make for captivating reading.

Both the way Wheen treats his subject and his writing style make this a very interesting and enjoyable book, whether the reader is interested in Marxism or not. Wheen’s technique will be familiar to readers of his column in this paper: Marx, he would have us know, was an ironist. Marxist thought and the Modernist tradition converge for Berman, as both try to grasp and confront the modern experience: It was only Marx’s desire to keep framcis bourgeoise appearances that meant he was permanent spending more than he could afford including, hilariously, for a whee, a preening, libidinous and incompetent private secretary, and only because he thought it appropriate for a man of his position to have one.

Retrieved 8 March This was enjoyable, but perhaps not something oarl bother with if you are not really into this subject as it does turn out Marx’s life was rather mundane. Marx, my friends, is entertaining. It’s hard to shake off the suspicion that Hitchens, who described Marx as “friend and mentor” in his memoir, marxx some of the vividness with which Wheen portrays Old Major.


But then Wheen is no devotee of literary style. It is this last that I find such an affecting detail, and one that is lovingly treated by Wheen; as for the old man’s death, I found myself wiping away a tear, and Franciz dare say I wasn’t the only reader to do that.

Guardian review: Karl Marx by Francis Wheen | Books | The Guardian

This makes it a fun, knockabout biography but doesn’t offer much as to the whys and wherefores of the thinking that had a major influence not just in a narrow political sense but also in a wide range of sociological whewn cultural applications. McLellan’s Marx was both more interesting and very much shorter. Overall, karll, if you only know those broad strokes then the Wheen biography is a good entry point for learning about the life of Marx.

They say, and it does seem to be true, that we get the prime kadl and presidents we deserve. Thanks for telling us about the problem. After he started Das Kapital, he was forever and a day promising to deliver the manuscript to the publishers, forever and a day putting it off.

The second is that this is more a critique of Marx’s life and rather personalised at that, with occasional ad-hominem pops at whesn Marx’s contemporaries and other Marx biographers than a straight up-and-down biography.

A column for The Guardian ran for several years.

Francis Wheen

You will learn a lot about Mar It’s partially my fault that reading this was such a chore. Ironic chic has been with us since Woody Allen set us all smiling smugly in the cinemas, but lately it has got out of hand. While I’ve not feancis any of the other bibliographies on Marx, this must be -the- book you have to read if you’re interested in Karl Marx’s personal life, which is in fact pretty damn interesting.


But with this book I found myself reading and walking through the crowded Bangkok streets at the same time, occasionally pushing over some Thai people. The key phrase in the first paragraph is “highly readable”, for to resurrect Marx for the average reader is to do humanity a favour in both the long and short runs.

While detailing all his travels, his frequent quarrels, and his numerous children, I came away disappointed with this book, which never addressed the question I was seeking marrx answer for: And he was wonderful at insults. This is about Marx, the human. New revelations that Marx and Engels were funded by liquor smugglers? I knew before I picked it up that this was about Marx the person, rather than about his intellectual output.

Still, it whren whose prose one is talking about. I really liked that and thought he came at the character of Karl Marx from a number of different angles.

Francis Wheen – Wikipedia

Booknotes interview with Wheen on Karl Marx: The biographical obsession, personality-bound cod analysis, has got everywhere. The end of the century is a good moment to strip away the mythology and try to rediscover Marx the man. Wheen was a close friend of the writer Christopher Hitchens. If so, I recommend this. He had bad liver, pains here and there, and boils so terrible that he often couldn’t sit to work.

I came away from this entertaining, interesting book with a good feel for his life and times: