Franciscan missionary, b. at Benavente, Spain, at the end of the fifteenth Fray Toribio, having asked the meaning of this word and learned that it was the. He suggested for the native leaders to complain to Bishop Fray Juan de Zumárraga about . Catholic Encyclopedia on Fray Toribio de Benavente Motolinia. Fray Toribio de Benavente, better known by his Indian name, Motolinía, was one of a group of twelve Franciscan friars who journeyed to New Spain in

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The Indians who live farther in the interior speak the languages of Mexico. The town has several taxi stands, one of them in the Bus Station toriio it has a Latin cross plan, with a nave and two aisles, separated by cruciform pilasters, with five apses.

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While it is impossible to save the memory of Motolinia from the blot which this letter has p laced upon it, some explanation of his conduct can be given. The capital of New Spain was Mexico Gray and it developed highly regional divisions, which reflect the impact of climate, topography, the presence or absence of dense indigenous populations, and the presence or absence of mineral resources.

If you have already donated, we sincerely thank you. The speech scroll indicates that she is speaking. Motolinia said the first Mass here on 16 April,and with his companions made torjbio allotments of land choosing for the convent the site upon which is still to be seen the beautiful church of San Francisco.

Hi readers, it seems you use Catholic Online a toriblo that’s great! These men lived, and still live, in the villages, and though for the most part they are peasants. Latest Videos on YouTube.

Old bridge and river San Francisco that ran through the city until Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Item s unavailable for purchase. Fray Toribio, having asked the meaning of this word and learned that it was the Mexican for poorsaid: What made the system intolerable was the mass of horrible abuses committed under its shadow; had las Casas aimed his attack more surely against these abuses, he might perhaps have been more successful in benefitting the Indians.

Module 01: Demographic Catastrophe — What Happened to the Native Population After 1492?

The territory of modern Guatemala once formed the core of the Maya civilization, most of the country was conquered by the Spanish in the 16th century, becoming part of the viceroyalty of New Spain. A series of prolonged droughts, among other such as overpopulation, in what is otherwise a seasonal desert is thought to have decimated the Maya 8. Eleven years later there came a Spaniard who had measles, and from him the disease was communicated to the Indians; if great care had not been taken to prevent their bathing, and to use other remedies, this would have frqy as terrible a plague and pestilence as the former.


In his letter to the king, Motolinia recounts an incident of Las Casas’s refusal to baptize an Indian in Tlaxcala. The custom of this country is not the best in the world, for the Indians do the work, motolijia the materials at their own expense, pay the stonemasons and carpenters, and if they do not bring their toribil food, they go hungry.

They were not content with those who among the Indians are called slaves for, although according to their cruel and barbarous law some may be slaves, in actual truth almost no one isbut brnavente the Indians so to produce slaves in tribute — so many every eighty days — that having exhausted the supply real slaves, they brought their children and their macehuales who are of a low social class, like farmer-vassals and all whom they could get together, and brought them in, terrifying them into saying that they were slaves.

I am the one who is taking away your idols, because I know that they are devils and not gods. Nahuatl denotes at least Classical Nahuatl together with related languages spoken in Mexico.

What part do you think the friar would assign to motoliniaa epidemic in the pantheon of ill fortune that bested the Aztecs after the arrival of the Spaniards? Indeed, when it is remembered that these theories jeopardized the fortunes of nearly all the colonists, not only in Mexico, but also throughout the New World –fortunes which they had perhaps amassed illegally, but, in many instances, in good faith and at the cost of incredible labours and perils–it may well be understood why so tremendous an animosity should have been felt against the man who not only had originated the theories, but had effected their triumph at Court; who was endeavouring with incredible toriibio of purpose to put them into practice, and who, in his directions to confessors, asserts that all the Spaniards of the Indies must despoil themselves of all their property, except what they have acquired by commerce, and no longer hold encomien des or slaves.


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Allegory of the New World: The Plagues of Egypt Hebrew: The Dominican Order was famous for its adherence to firm doctrinal positions, which meant that they refused baptism to Indians in Mexico if were deemed with a lack of knowledge in the tenets of Christianity.

An illustration of the “One Flower” ceremony, from the 16th-century Florentine Codex. Product details File Size: These orders include the Order of Friars Minor, the Order of Saint Clare, Francis began preaching around and traveled to Rome to seek approval from the Pope in Her introduction to the translation has a careful discussion of Motolinia’s life and works. Mexico City, or the City of Mexico Spanish: For as the Indians did not know the remedy for the disease and were very much in the habit of bathing frequently, whether well or ill, and continued to do so even when suffering from smallpox, they died in heaps, like bedbugs.

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The fifth plague was the great taxes and tributes that the Indians paid. This article was transcribed for New Advent by W. From tohe worked in Guatemala and perhaps Nicaraguastudying the new missions in that area.

In order to conquer Mexico they had built brigantines in Tlaxcallan which can be seen today in the shipyards of Mexico. In Mexico and on the Mexican side there was much greater strength, because all the most powerful lords of the land were in Mexico and on her side. Catholic Online motollinia YouTube Enjoy our videos. He died in the convent of S. Catholic Online on Pinterest Catholic ideas style inspiration. An early chapter of Motolinia’s history recounts what he considered the ten plagues afflicting New Spain, bringing the Biblical metaphor of the Ten Plagues into the unfolding events in early Mexico.