“FUEL ENERGIZER” helps to reduce fuel consumption up to 30%. When fuel flows through powerful magnetic field created by Magnetizer inter molecular forces. Magnetizer Fuel Treatment Systems. Info Sheet: Fuel Treatment. FOR A QUOTE, EMAIL OR CALL US WITH DETAILS. Magnetizer Fuel Test Data. Dramatically reducing vehicle pollution while increasing fuel efficiency. The following pages.

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These aims are reached by means of a device characterized in the features given in the independent claim 1. In addition to this feature, at least two magnetic elements must be arranged next to each other while the orientation of the magnetic elements alternate.

A device according to claim 1. Brudder, I always drool over your car when I drive pass it magnetizerr morning Must catch up for Kopi!

Mine is half milo can. A device according to claim 7.

FuelMagnetThingydoesreallywork Does having turbo really mean better magnetiezr effiency? Points are accumulated from other users who Praise or Disliked this users’ posts. Fuel Magnet Thingy – does it really work?: The air and fuel, including diesel fuel, are subject to the lines of force from opposite poles of permanent magnets mounted on the air and fuel inlet lines.

This experience is based on normal daily use under varying driving conditions and with varying driving habits. Does anyone vape here? It may be feasible to use electrical magnetising means instead of permanent magnets, e.

An embodiment of this kind may provide for controllable magnetic fields that may prove advantageous, e. Posted 28 January – The higher the points, the higher the rank. Jan 01 Duel big is your Octy filter? For the time being, the optimal and preferred configuration is as follows: Me driving a Galant VRG. After stage 1 ecu remap, big decrease in fuel. BTW, do you work at Valley Point?


USA1 – Magnetic pre-treatment of air and fuel – Google Patents

A device for magnetic pre-treatment of air passing through an air intake supply leading to vuel combustion chamber said magnetic pre-treatment being carried out by means of magnetic elements arranged in connection with the air intake supply. The bar represents the rank and points of the user. MyCarForum is Singapore’s top car forum.

This configuration provides the optimal reduction in both fuel consumption and emissions.

The reason why the gasoline fuelled cars with an average engine size of two litres do not obtain the same reduction as diesel fuelled cars with the same engine size, is that gasoline fuelled engines normally run on higher rpms than diesel fuelled engines. Take a look at this: I do have a pair of magnets on my oil filter but never bothered to cut the oil filter open to check the crud stuck to the magnet area within the filter.

This appears to be the reason why the prior art arrangements have failed to prove a reduction in fuel consumption. It amgnetizer possible that using larger magnets or more magnets may offset the effects of the higher flow rates and contribute to level out the differences.

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The inventors of the present invention have discovered that two main features govern the effect of the magnetic magnwtizer. They may abut each other, but may just as well be arranged somewhat apart. The present invention contributes to optimise the combustion in any combustion engine and may be combined with any of the abovementioned technologies to reduce emissions. I’ve maynetizer you my office contact, kopi at Starbucks ok? Just wanna find out if installation is easy?


At higher the rpms, a larger the amount of air has to be pre-treated and the air passes the magnetic fields at a quicker rate, resulting in a shorter residence time in the magnetic field.

AFAIK, aluminium is extremely feebly magnetic when subjected to a magnetic field.

I tried a similar product from UK where two pairs of magnets are strapped onto the fuel inlet line and got poor results. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Must catch up for kopi one ,agnetizer Best regards. Today’s motor industry is continuously met by ever increasing demands and requirements for cleaner and more effective combustion in order to increase output and reduce environmentally hazardous emissions.

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In the preferred embodiment of the present invention, three permanent magnets are used for the air intake, while it is found that two permanent magnets are sufficient for the fuel line.

Hydrocarbon fuel modification device and a method for improving the combustion characteristics of hydrocarbon fuels. Posted 24 January – You currently have javascript disabled.