16 set. Com base nas obras A teoria da democracia revisitada – o debate contemporâneo (Giovanni Sartori), Poliarquia: Participação e Oposição. A Teoria da Democracia Revisitada – Giovani Sartori. 5 likes. Book. From a contemporary point of view, within political science, reference may be made to the work of Giovanni Sartori, A Teoria da Democracia Revisitada, trans.

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This contrast is striking not only when one takes into account their highly giovannj behavior throughout the Cardoso administration, but also if one restricts the comparison to social security reform votes. In the case of social security reform, as emphasized by Figueiredo and Limongi and Melothis feasibility problem is further aggravated by at least two factors.

In Brazilthe method by which decision-making bodies are formed is consistent with teooria of power: From the comparison between the two reformist processes it is evident that: The members of the original electoral coalition exercised greater discipline than the parties that joined them later: Lastly, it is worth describing briefly the reform’s passage in the Senate.

Although both presidents were able to transform a minority electoral coalition into a majority congressional one, Lula’s position in Congress was indeed more fragile.

After all, the proposal sent by Lula, PEC 40, expressed a more radical reform than PEC 33, the one sponsored reevisitada Cardoso and against which PT deputies voted cohesively, with discipline, on all occasions they could express themselves. The party does not have to bargain, yield, being flexible, or negotiate in the name of governability and other desiderata that haunt democratic rulers everywhere.

Services on Demand Article. The nested game model may help us out again in understanding the underlying logic behind this difference: The reverse is represented by two factors which are, in the view of Figueiredo and Limongieresponsible for the striking differences in w between current Brazilian presidential system and its previous version in the former democratic period It may be supposed that any democracka of PFL with the PT-led government would damage much more its image than the movement towards more substantive policy positions.

The second step was taken in the Lula Administration, in the form of another attempt to change the Constitution, the PEC 40, which came to be promulgated by the Teoira Congress on December 19, American Journal of Political Science The behavior of its deputies on the floor did not depend on the operation of institutional mechanisms exogenous to the party.


Based on attitudinal data from deputies, Carvalho strives to show that both the partisan and distributive approaches should be employed to understand deputies’ behavior in Congress. There is no denying the concentration of resources in the hands of the president and party leaders, but it does not seem judicious to ignore that the combined effects of several decentralizing institutions may make the passage of public policy a complex business.

The dynamics at play is largely as follows: More complex is the explanation required for the behavior of Cardoso’s supporters when voting PEC Further, Ames asserts that the feature which best defines the Brazilian institutional arrangement is the excessive number of veto players, emerging from the electoral system and federalism 1.

Why such a strategy was available to PFL? They are actors with intense preferences in relation to the problem of state public spending, which gives paramount importance to the social security issue.

A Teoria Da Democracia Revisitada – Giovanni Sartori – Google Books

According to Ames, the assertion that Congress is cooperative and disciplined is mistaken in the following counts: The particularities of decision-making surrounding the deliberation and passage of constitutional amendments plague the presidential agenda with high transaction costs, given the necessity of gathering supermajorities in the legislative arena Anastasia, Melo and Santos As is generally known, the seminal work of Figueiredo and Limongi triggered a fruitful controversy: This does not mean, however, that the PEC 40 went through Congress unscathed.

Throughout the first round of the reform under Cardoso, this was the principal strategy used by opposition parties. We chose the index of fidelity so as to permit comparison with other works such as Figueiredo and Limongiwho adopted it in their analysis of the social security reform voting under Cardoso.

Agora8, Buenos Aires. Inversely to what happened during the Cardoso administration, Lula faced few votes until the final passage of his proposal and was not defeated in any of them.

Social security reform in two stages

Therefore, it is clear from the argument above that any decision taken in the legislative arena will be always “nested” Tsebelis, vemocracia the game in progress in the electoral arena, which is, for politicians, the main one.


Table 1 shows the picture for both administrations, without computing the impact of party switching on the party caucuses. All accounted for, some comrades opted to march with their people into this other arena.

In the second part, we turn our attention specifically to a comparison of patterns of behavior on the floor. Possibly because of its independent status, the PP showed more indiscipline in the Lula period than under Cardoso.

Secondly, one should take into account the high level of “deconstitutionalization” required by this sort of proposal Melo, teori In a letter addressed to the nation, the then presidential candidate proclaimed clearly that, once in power, he would not launch the country in heterodox adventures in the economy, and would govern for all Brazilians, not only for his base of consistent supporters. In order to reach a qualified majority, the president resorted to patronage, attracting the PMDB to the administration 4.

O que foi escrito sobre democracia

It is nonsensical therefore to explain the superior outcome of the reformist process under Lula from the formation of the governing coalition in Congress. For them, the key game is to be reelected and their interactions with other players in other arenas will be informed by strategies that maximize their goals in the most important arena: It proposes, among other points, the alteration of criteria for full pensions in the case of current servants, the possibility that each additional year of contribution could reduce the equivalent in the minimum age and the continuance of full parity for future pensioners who fulfill the requisites for full pensions.

Journal of Theoretical Politics5 1: Conjoined, these features form a landscape in which the president has enough resources to determine the agenda and the pace of proceedings within Congress, while leaders can get their caucuses to behave in a cooperative and disciplined fashion, a fact that would minimize, if not nullify, the veto power of the legislative over executive’s actions.