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Essentially, the Sefirot, and the various levels of cosnic manifestation called Olamot or universes, represent the metaphysical structure of creation or the vehicle through which creature, creation, and God are connected and interact.

This is reflected by the needs for teachings and spiritual transmissions at many and diverse levels, from mainstream exoteric religions to inmost esoteric and mystical traditions — these are all a raying out of the Light Transmission at different gradations, cosmoc according to the needs of the souls destined to it. The greater the shadow that is in us, the greater our capacity to generate and channel the Holy Light of El Elyon in the world; thus, if we have a terrifying shadow side, let us rejoice, for our capacity malachhi God, the True Light, is equally incredible!

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But the understanding and the appreciation of the “landscape” is very different. Binah is gnosus associated with ShabbataiSaturn. John in the Book of Revelation also addresses this, for according to his prophecy, until the End-Of-Days Satan and his minions have rau place in the heavens, but with the coming of the Woman of Light and her Holy Child, who is taken up in divine rapture, a war breaks out in the heavens between Archangel Michael and Satan, and their hosts, Satan and his minions being cast out of the heavens.

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I forgot to mention that yesterday here in Brazil was a hollyday”Corpus Christi”” Body of Christ”, a Catholic hollyday. Everything we can “experience” is filtered by our projections and expectationsfears and desiresby our egosbasically. If I were to speak of Av, Sag, Mah and Ban, for example, these are parallel to Atzilut, Beriyah, Yetzirah and Asiyah, respectively, and speak of the constellations of the Sefirot and Netivot in the four Olamot, which in turn generate many different constellations of energy-intelligences in permutation.


I found relevant to mention this since it seems to be directly related to our ongoing conversationsTau Malachi Another way of gaining some understanding of the Olamot is to consider them at the level of human experience.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I’m not going to rate this, but I’m not finishing it because in several important ways it is in conflict with hermetic Kabbalah, which I’ve been studying.

I quickly discovered that Crhist am not Gnostic.

Therefore, to explore Gnostic Christianity, as expressed in the Sophian Tradition, we must explore some of the basic ideas of the Kabbalah from which the teachings and principles of our Gnostic Christianity are nalachi.

It must be said that the realization of ruach does not always assume an outwardly religious or spiritual appearance, though always it is deeply spiritual — as with the realization of nefesh, it may assume many different forms.

In this realization, this also does not negate anything of our humanity — the realization of our divinity affirms our humanity, and it is through the acceptance and cultivation of our humanity that we actualize and realize our divinity, for in our humanity is the image and likeness of the Divine, each of us being a unique and individual emanation of the Holy One.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Yetin the Judeo-Christian Kabbalistic teachings that vision of the preservation of the individualityand therefore the evolutionary and progressive view it entailscosmjc clearer.

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ : Tau Malachi :

When tzaddikim and maggidim incarnate, generally speaking it is skillful means in wisdom for them to focus on a lineage and tradition, a single stream of Light Transmission in their sharing of teachings and practices — an integral system that forms of vehicle, merkavah, for those they have been sent to teach and initiate in the Way.

Five, according to the traditional Buddhist psychology-cosmology.

Andas we knowthis will certainly take a very longlong timea whole cosmic cicleconsidering to existence of life in other planets and other dimensions of the Cosmos. As for what the End-Of-Days will be to us — that depends entirely upon how we live this life and what we are doing with our life today; whether a cause of anguish and sorrow in our bondage, or cause for joy in our reintegration and liberation, all depends on the exercise of our freewill and the choices we make in this life.


Speech, being attributed to Yetzirah, represents the feeling or emotional level as well as actual words.

If the whole of the Kabbalah is in a book, then it is the heavenly Book of Life of which the Holy Scriptures speak, and not any earthly book. First, one must understand that, looking at the sun, one does not see the sun but rather sees the glory or radiance of the sun. A Law tha ends in the repose of the second “Do” We may say that sin, and its consequences, is the education of our soul — but naturally, once receiving our education we do not stay in school, but rather we go on with our lives, our life in Christ.

Thus, there is an involution for the sake of evolution, a play of apparent dreaming for the sake of awakening. This makes a very interesting connection to what you just wrote above.

Gnostic legends and myths of the Holy Mother, St. When the architect communicates the actual ideas and methods of construction to the workers, this would be akin to Yetzirah. Nothing remainsin terms of individual potential. Something similar is true with regards to the idea of personal salvation or enlightenment — it, too, is based upon the misconception of enlightenment as some fixed or static state of being, when, in fact, actual enlightenment or illumination is a fluid and flowing state, a dynamic state of being, in which we recognize and realize no difference between formlessness and form, or between dreamless sleep and the arising of dreams, and so forth.