This category is for Jedi holocrons. Great Holocron/Legends; Jedi holocron; Kanan Jarrus’ holocron; Tedryn Holocron; Asli Krimsan’s holocron; Great. The Great Jedi Holocron. 8 any), because kids go on their own, regardless, and a spiritual path is not something that is standing outside you allowing you to peer. This book was quite expansive, nearly pages. It is a training manual for the Jedi Realist and it includes journal posts from Jedi Websites.

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Category:Jedi holocrons | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The simple wooden quarterstaff used by the ancient Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas was a unique artifact, offering more than physical support to the aged Jedi Master. Jedi Holocron Greta are ancient repositories of knowledge and wisdom that can only be accessed by those skilled in the Force.

Following the rise of the Galactic Empirethe Great Holocron was lost, probably captured by the st Legion troopers in the assault on the Jedi Temple during Order It became vital to him that the Holocron of Antiquities not be lost, or worse, fall into enemy hands. This made his Holocron something of a treasure map, allowing those who followed in his footsteps to continue his search for knowledge throughout the stars.

Since those ancient times, many of the arts of Sith Alchemy have been lost, ravaged by the many wars and through the meddling of the Jedi.

In a fit of drunken anxiety, the young Jedi gave himself to the Force, seeking answers by meditating. Found by accident, the Holocron pressured a young Initiate into returning it to its rightful Master, the long-dead Odan-Urr. Countless years of holoxron resulted in the Holocron’s cave being opened to the surface. Vodo-Siosk Baas became one with the Force, while the newly broken staff was abandoned with his garments. Through his discovery and study of an ancient Sith Hoocronas well as the many Jedi Holocrons in his keeping, Odan-Urr eventually discovered a way to create Holocrons himself.


However, it was this same defense that Odan-Urr created that nearly doomed his efforts of preserving knowledge throughout time.

The Holocron of Antiquities

During the time of unrest that preceded the Great Sith WarOdan-Urr began to experience premonitions of his own death.

Then, Force pull using just your hands! It was not until after the Jedi Order had nearly been completely wiped out of the galaxy that Odan-Urr’s dream would be realized.

Some of the stories and journals submitted are as follows:. Just release UV light from the blaster to charge and create a glowing scene or drawing. The Holocron was capable of projecting images in both small, hand-sized models and images large enough to fill an entire room. She was not sure whether it was the real Great Holocron or a well-crafted replica.

Thousands of years had passed since Odan-Urr had met vreat end holocrob none since had been able to find the Holocron or had even truly searched for it. Odan-Urr visited Lyran IV at some point during construction of the Holocron, and through meditation was able to locate the cavern. This page was last modified on 1 Februaryat Still, many who know of the Holocron of Antiquities believe it still holds valuable information on many of history’s greatest lost treasures.

Given the general unease of the Force, combined with the problems starting to ravage the Order, Odan-Urr knew that his lifelong project holkcron too great a treasure to be lost to agents of the Dark Side.

With beings from all across the Galaxy gathering to train in the New Jedi Orderit was perhaps inevitable that buried secrets would become unearthed.


Great Holocron | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Descending into the catacombs beneath the Ejdi Jedi Library, Odan-Urr enveloped the Holocron within a force illusion and laid it to rest.

Though rumors and legends of the Holocron have persisted since the time of the Great War, it had never actually been confirmed to exist until a young Jedi pupil discovered the artifact by accident at the fledgling Jedi Academy on Ossus in 33 ABY.

Wary of the artifact falling into the wrong hands, Ji kept it close, but safely hidden, on the recently discovered world of New Tython. Includes scene stencil, Jed light screen, and glow-in-the-dark decals for added holocronn. It seemed an almost impossible endeavor. During the events of the Yuuzhan Vong War when the New Jedi Order re-discovered and founded a new training academy on Ossus, deciphering the clues and finding this mythical Holocron became a game for young Knights wanting to prove themselves to their masters.

Jedi holocrons

Crystals capable of making ultraviolet blades are rare enough that certain Elders of the Brotherhood would handsomely reward anyone who could retrieve one for them. Though Ossus had once been his home and the resting place of many ancient Jedi artifacts, it held no clues as to who Odan-Urr would want to continue his mission.

The Last Padawan, Part I: Imagine that you could raise an X-wing fighter from the Dagobah swamp just like Luke Skywalker, battle Darth Jeei, or build your own lightsaber with just the power of your mind!