Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock ‘n’ Roll Music: Sixth Edition [Greil Marcus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The perfect gift for. Mystery Train has ratings and reviews. Michael said: This is a masterpiece from Greil Marcus about what makes American rock-n-roll such a speci. Praise. Praise for Mystery Train: “Mystery Train changed a lot of things for me. Most basically, it plugged me into a lifetime’s worth of listening. Because of it, I.

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I do think it’s somewhat annoying to read discriptions of songs and records which you know you’ll never actually get around to hearing The person who would do that had to be white because of the demographics and prejudices of the country, and there was famously a trqin producer—Sam Phillips—who was on the lookout for this person.

Mystery Train (book) – Wikipedia

InGreil Marcus wrote Mystery Train: There are some awkward moments here–the discussion of Robert Johnson makes me cringe some now. There’s maybe a little too much about The Band for my taste the ultimate critics’ band, no?

This can be enthralling if you’re a fan or scholar of the artist in question- I was actually pretty riveted to his discussion of Robert Johnson. Return to Book Page. As if he’d heard it all his life. Marcus seems to think Elvis resurrected himself at least briefly midway in his career, a moment that I seem to have missed.

Then again, if your opinion supported every baby boomer’s claim that modern music ceased to be relevant once they hit 30, you’d marcks every notion that came to you was important too. Mystery Trainaccording to one reviewer, reflects on what could be called “the historical turn” that rock took at the close of the 60sinitiated by Bob Dylan and the Bandand followed through by everyone from Creedence Clearwater Revival to Randy Newmanthe music moving “beyond rock’n’roll’s teenage immersion in the present to an adult sophistication steeped in deep trainn of rock’s roots in blues and country and lyrics that likewise looked to the past for inspiration.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. If mjstery sounds sort of like what one of his blurbs says of him: I hope one day to follow in Marcus’ footsteps.

‘Mystery Train’ by Greil Marcus | All-TIME Nonfiction Books |

I admit the man was a lousy actor and seemed to be reading the lines from cue cards, but there were a lot of beautiful women in those movies, and there were always a few good songs. Aug 29, Jon rated it really liked it. Their deepest affections shift from a multiplicity of friends—from the idea of friendship itself—to husbands, wives, children; they exchange the noisy heterogeneity of school for the quiet homogeneity of a job. Furtheri, Appreciated the scholarship yes, scholarship on Robert Johnson.

I’ll underline a totally nugatory line right next to a brilliant observation. For other uses, see Mystery Train disambiguation. A whole chapter on Harmonica Frank? Jun 03, Brett rated it liked it Shelves: Yes, I agree, Greil Marcus is a waffling, grating self-parody of a ta Pretty much the big bang for those who like to plug their music collection into their book collection and let the two comingle, cohabit, collude and co-depend.

Mystery Train opens with an episode on the Dick Cavett showwhere Little Richard interrupts a disagreement between a writer and a critic, and closes with a transcript of Jerry Lee Lewis arguing with producer Sam Phillips as rgeil are setting up to record ” Great Balls of Fire ” in His imagination helps make Big Pink a better record.


That was his real downfall. He makes me feel as if I never even turned on a radio. This was the first academic book about rock I ever read.

Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock ‘n’ Roll

Greil Marcus does a lot of dancing about architecture in this book, first published in and updated for this fifth edition in And Marcus failed to bring me any closer.

Marcus has listened to all the Sun recordings, and I apparently have just scratched the surface. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

What Marcus is writing about, finally, concerns our most potent images and archetypes–the jester and the guilty Puritan, Huck Finn and Captain Ahab arguing over the stakes of life in America–its possibilities, limits, promises, traps. Unfortunately, trrain is Marcus’s most cogent chapter because he actually provides evidence for his “analysis” of Newman, which is more than I might say for his other chapters.

In what would have been his st year, Johnson’s song was sung by the President of the United States. If you are studying the subject or are a HUGE fan of one of the six artists then I would recommend picking this up.

He’s not lazy — too well researched for that. It ,ystery caused me to dislike The Band even more! There is simply too much to forget. I think of myself as a major Elvis fan.