Hairs • Pelitos by Sandra Cisneros. Everybody in our family has different hair. My papa’s hair is like a broom, all up in the air. And me, my hair is lazy. It never. This jewel-like vignette from Sandra Cisneros’s best-selling The House on Mango Street shows, through simple, intimate portraits, the diversity. Get an answer for ‘What is the theme of “Hairs” from The House on Mango Street, into when she [mother] is holding you, holding you and you feel safe” (Cisneros , 6). The House on Mango Street Lesson Plans · Sandra Cisneros Biography.

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Pick a sentence from the text, one that you enjoyed reading—what did you like best about it? The prose is lyrical and beautiful and I just can’t recommend this enough.

What are the benefits of imitating the style and craft of accomplished writers? I actually greatly dislike this book. It’s a sweet story. Return to Book Page. I would share this story all the children in my class to discuss how hair Cisneros, S. How many sadnra are in the second paragraph?

This picture book is an excerpt from The House on Mango Street. This jewel-like vignette from Sandra Cisneros’s best-selling The House on Mango Street shows, through simple, intimate portraits, the diversity among us. The authors describes carefully how each member in the family is different but at the same time how these differences make them a lovely, beautiful, and diverse family. Alexys’s hair is fancy like a movie star– bought and paid for, blown out and sewn in.

Compare the stripped sentence hair the original. Examine the words she using to describe her mother’s hair. This type of language makes it easy to get a visual of what she is describing in the story, although the book has great illustrations and that helps the story as well.


May 02, Rena rated it liked it Shelves: Thinking about your five senses, how many are stimulated in the second paragraph? It shows the diversity among people in the same families and celebrates those differences.

Mar 31, Melba Deoleo rated it really liked it Shelves: There is no flow to the text in English and the Spanish is way beyond anything a teacher or parent ccisneros read out loud to a child.

Beautiful and short, I love this book. The kids in my class are making self portraits with various materials and they love recreating their hair, so this book is a perfect fit for my theme of the week. How can your own real experiences help you to develop a narrative text?

Hairs/Pelitos by Sandra Cisneros

The story can be read in English or Spanish allows children of both languages to enjoy and interpret. What’s not to love? I checked this book out at the sanxra to read it to my nieces. Dec 17, Say rated it it was amazing. She compares the textures and shapes of their hair to both emotional states and household objects such as brooms and small roses.

Discovering You–Discovering Me: “Hairs” by Sandra Cisneros

The purple people also seemed out of place. I read this in both English and Spanish to a bilingual group. A super cute book and an example of how sometimes canonical literature can be made into a children’s picture book.

It has been used to create a book for primary-aged students using colorful illustrations depicting the diversity of groups of people. Mar 03, J rated it really liked it Shelves: It teaches children that it is okay to be different, in fact its expected. Aug 14, Hayle rated it it was ok Shelves: Dec 17, Aura rated it sandrq was amazing Shelves: We will use “Hairs” as a mentor text for this assignment. I think it is especially great for diverse families or really any family that wants to teach cisnerros we are all unique with our own unique features.


This book just failed to accomplish what it set out to do. A Dragonfly Book in English and Spanish. My hair has been long and straight like Meme’s, a flaming ball of fire like Mama’s, big and fluffy like Bob’s, dreaded like Mr. Posted by Tracei Willis at 6: This is a great story that is written in spanish and english.


This book provided the perfect way to talk about superficial differences in a comforting way. Sep 13, Elisabeth rated it liked it Shelves: In all, I thought this book was unnecessary and not noteworthy the way Nappy Hair is. I can’t wait to read this to my kiddies next week! Turn it into a factory sentence. Sep 16, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: A children’s book whose words are taken from part of “House on Mango Cksneros.

Oct 01, Jenny rated it it was amazing. Dec 10, Shauna added it Shelves: Paperback32 pages.