Specific information on this topic can be found in the “Handboek voor Sportaccommodaties” and NOC*NSF “sportvloerenlijst”. At national level the work of Kiwa. KONINKLIJKE NEDERLANDSE ZWEMBOND – HANDBOEK Instituut voor Sportaccommodaties Nederland – Handboek overheidsmanagement. Brugge: Vanden Broele. . Sportaccommodaties in. Nederland. Utrecht: Mulier. Instituut. Retrieved from.

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The source height is 1. The reference level is 60 dB at 1 m in the anechoic chamber. It is difficult to say which value should be preferred; we are planning scale model measurements to investigate the effect. The loudness is different for other types and brands.

Levertijd We doen er alles aan om dit artikel op tijd te bezorgen. Both positions at 10 and 51 m are in the diffuse part of the sound field, so they should sound equally loud.

D Sound samples in a sports hall

Wees welkom op de site: Eyring’s value is always lower. This is due to the non-cubic space as explained in [9].

The results from the standard All other levels are adjusted to the calibration signal. Auralization examples to discuss the reverberation time as a standard for sports facilities. The first computer runs were made to show the effect of the amount of absorption plus the distribution along the surfaces. SPL and RT for the four cases explained in the text, for the five microphone numbers indicated in figure 1.


It appears very instructive to listen to sound samples from auralizations in a virtual hall, so during the actual congress presentation some samples are presented.

Inspection sports facilities

Schuur, Het gebruik van de nagalmtijd bij de normstelling van sportzalen, Bouwfysica 15, in Dutch. The reverberation time is very long, but the energy of the reverberant field is still low when compared with the direct signal from sportavcommodaties speaker.

Kiwa ISA Sport has designed various certificates and labels for contractors and subcontractors active in the field of building sports facilities. A wanted source is at position A. This page is made to make sounds audible.

In all cases the basketball dribble is used as input sound. Calibrating the loudness of the headphone signal. In the previous section of this paper the reverberation time was called unfit to predict the amount of absorption and consequently the sound pressure levels in the hall.

A proper certification for your market may be essential for your success in that market. Levels at microphone position 1 are slightly sportaccommoodaties due to the hall’s reflections.

There is even one Dutch sports facility where inclined advertising signs are used sportaccommofaties avoid flutters.

Het is echter in een enkel geval mogelijk dat door omstandigheden de bezorging vertraagd is.

Handboek sportaccommodaties – Google Books

The sound may come from a “wanted source” speech for instance or from other “noise sources” in the hall:. The phrase “flutter echoes should not be heard”, as used in older standards is too informal for legal standards. When listening to the auralized sound a single echo is perceived after ms plus a “metallic” sounding reverberation.


In practice a small echo can not be avoided. The trend is the same but the mutual differences from the standard are less. The question is whether that term should be used in sports facilities as well.

They can be heard in practice and can be seen in plots of decay curves, but at present there is no method to quantify them. Auralization examples to investigate acoustical echoes in sports facilities The echograms of the left hand part of figure 2, show strong differences in echo behavior. Both cases f and g have an audible echo at ms. Echograms left and schroeder curves bottom as calculated from the four cases as given in the text. If the reverberation time appears too long, it seems as if the effect of the absorption is lower than calculated in the design stage.

Calibrating the loudness of the headphone signal The sound samples can be best listened with ear phones, but the demonstrations can only be put into perspective when the loudness is calibrated properly. Michael Fetchko Sports MarketingMeasuring SPL or rather the loudness G is not difficult but it requires a calibrated sound source. The results from figure 3 can be summarized as: Hence the reverberation time may increase considerably compared to Sabine’s.