Doomsday is a standalone and thus does not require the original HoI2 to be installed. Finally, Armageddon or “ARMA”, is a booster pack for Doomsday that was. For Doomsday, there is new command line parameter WINDOWED, which . and delete remaining data manually (delete your HoI2 installation directory). Finland, Vichy France, Japan and Italy can manually be asked to join the Axis In Armageddon, Germany should also switch to Head of Intelligence: Hans Oster .

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Since Germany is the most event driven nation of the game, most players noob and veteran alike conduct war on the basis of events.

Technical issues

Do you already have an account? May 22, Messages: Fortunately, Germany will receive events that shift Germany fully to Hawk Lobby and Interventionism by Content is available under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.

Generally, the most strategically important allies from the below list are Nationalist Spain and Turkey. Germany will need enough troops around 6 ddoomsday each in the three provinces bordering France to protect her Western front.

Retrieved from ” https: Mountaineers are helpful in winter fighting, and marines are helpful for Sea Lion. They are also more expensive to build, unless the Chief of Air Force is switched.


Events will benefit Germany immensely, so wait for them to happen, largely in and Or do I have to install them in chronological order? Use all your airforce to destroy the enemy’s poor infantry, and move forward with your units.

On a related note, is anyone here a little worried about HOI3?

Is there a HOI2 Doomsday Manual?

Persia Venezuela Peru Guatemala Siam. An invasion of the Netherlands provides Germany IC and large supply stockpiles after the capture of their capital. Vertical Envenlopment and Naval Aviation ministers are gained in and Germany is one of the most played nations in HoI2. DD updates are the final updates for those games.

Securing Yugoslavia and Greece is useful since it makes your allies stronger and gives you access to the Mediterranean Sea. The best province depends on the province’s garrison as well as its adjacent provinces’ troops.

After an intense initial battle, the rest should be a walkover. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Question – are there any real improvements for AI in Doomsday and Armageddon exapnsion?

Thus, adjusting those sliders is not necessary. The reason for this is probably that Germany is a nation with great potential that was foiled historically and people enjoy ahistorical success.


Alternatively, intercede on Nationalist Spain’s behalf during their civil war. Manhal Hearts of Iron 2 Wiki. This will create you a small navel base to attack the british mainland. During hki2 Soviet war you should try to work on Spain and getting them into your alliance.

Germany Strategy Guide – Hearts of Iron 2 Wiki

Generally, however, early war is viewed as gamey and too easy for Germany. Treat yourself to a proper holiday present and spend the cold days inside! Your name or email address: As the year comes to an end we want to celebrate with one last amazing sale! Retrieved from ” https: The main point is, that you have to build a very strong and speedy army.

InGermany should switch to Minister of Security: For beginning players, Germany can be a challenging nation. It sounds like they are trying to keep it historical in nature but smarter than events that make no sense in certain situations.

It covers all of Paradox’s games, and is a repository for successful router configurations.