Ibn-Fadlan Risala ca. AD. This is a Book of Ahmad Ibn-Fadlan ibn-al-‘ Abbas ibn-Rashid ibn-Hammad, a servant [1] of Muhammad ibn-Sulaiman, the. It was such trading raiders from the Rus that Ibn Fadlan met along the Ahmad Ibn Fadlan chronicled the voyage of an embassy sent from. Ahmad Ibn Fadlan met with the Vikings in Volga Bulgaria. His chronicle called Risala includes detailed information and observations about them. The travel.

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Shprenger and was purchased from him in So, I advise you: I know, that it is a trick that was arranged by this adolescent, Takin, as he was a smith here and he is already familiar with the sale of iron in the country of infidels, and he was the one who has deceived Nadir and induced him to address the ruler of the righteous and to send to him the letter of the Kipchak malik.

Manuscript in sheets with 25 lines per page. Questions and Answers About Eaters of the Dead and 13th Warrior Immediately after the release of 13th Warriorthe Viking Answer Lady’s mail volume tripled with questions inspired by the movie.

There are, however, translations of Ibn Fadlan’s true account available, including the excerpts discussing Ibn Fadlan’s adventures among the Rus as discussed below. Then the deceased’s next of kin approached and took a piece of wood and lit it from a fire. One of the Ruses stood beside me and I heard him talking to my interpreter. This was a Bulgar state faldan had control over the eastern shores of Volga River from the seventh to the thirteenth century. The burden is placed firmly on the shoulders of the individual” Rizala D.

Perception of the Vikings from Ibn Fadlan’s glance in al-Risala

Sometimes, if he would mercy them he would make them his grooms. Good armor and weapons Strangely enough, it is the faslan Ibn Fadlan who comes closest to being armored as an authentic Viking, wearing a mail hauberk.


Forty risxla them are equal to one danak. Then they lifted her up a second time and she did what she had done the first time. They put intoxicating drink, fruit, and a stringed instrument in the grave with him.

Ibn Fadlan: An Arab Among the Vikings of Russia

London code of Yakut in the British museum. And the man who did all this would say, “My Lord was pleased with me and ate my gift. The Turk came and found both of them in a connection. Views Read Edit View history. And if a person with wife and children dies, the oldest of his children marries his wife if she was not his mother.

Then came people with sticks and firewood, each one carrying a stick the end of which he ignited and threw on top of the wood. The code is under number And truly I only wanted to receive a blessing from the money of the ruler of the righteous, and asked him about it”.

The woman called the “Angel of Death” placed a rope around her neck with the ends going in the opposite directions, and handed it to two men to pull it, and she approached holding a broad-bladed dagger and began to thrust it in and out between her ribs, while the two men strangled her with the rope until she died. The man wears a cloak with which he covers one half of his body, leaving one of his arms uncovered. Men and women go down to the river and bathe together naked, do not cover one from another and do not commit adultery in any way and there is no possibility.


The preceeding two paragraphs are from the 16th century C. Ibn Fadlan describes very extensively the populations that live in the region, their trades, manners, clothing, diets, living, and also their customs, such as leaving a sick man alone in the tent with bread and water only, approached by none, waiting for him to either die or recover on his own.

Then comes to them an old man from their elders and says: And really I saw, as the cisterns covered with sheep furs cracked and broken at night, so it winterizing helped nothing. This also allows to recall that in the Middle Ages in the middle course of Itil-Volga was a prominent city Saksin Saqsinalso called Saksin-Bulgar, probably initially a Kipchak kishlak. Their rules of marriage are such: The really glaring errors include: The first of their maliks and leaders whom we met was Yanal yynal?

I read him the letter, and he said to the translator: During the course of his journey, Ibn Fadlan met a people called the Rus, a group of Swedish origin, acting as traders in the Bulgar capital. And I said to him: Everyone who has a wedding or calls a feast with invitations, has to make a tribute of products to the malik, depending on the size of the feast, and then he would bring for the guests the honey nabid and bad wheat, because their ground is black and smelly, and they do not have storing places where to keep their food, so they dig in the ground wells and keep food in them.

Sometimes one of them dies with the cup still in his hand.