This is the official Motorola ic Buzz User Guide in English provided from the manufacturer. If you are looking for detailed technical specifications, please see. iDEN ic WITH CDMA USERS MANUAL 1 details for FCC ID AZFT made by Motorola Solutions, Inc.. Document Includes User Manual. Nextel ic user manual by EllenWatson Issuu. September 18th, – Save this Book to Read nextel ic user manual PDF. eBook at.

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While amnual out, you can still place or receive phone calls, check voicemail, and use other voice services. Entries for Group Walkie-Talkie and Talkgroups contain different information.

Phone Setup Options Phone Setup Options Shortcuts Your phone offers you the option of assigning shortcuts to favorite or often-used functions. Press Select the oc502 you want to erase. Your phone calls are displayed in reverse chronological order. These ratings are not guarantees of compatibility. Highlight each entry you want to call and press make each selection.

Sprint Nextel Cell Phone ic User Guide |

Your phone is in standby mode. Page 34 Allow the battery door to pop ic5002, and remove it from the back of your phone. Using Lc502 Phone Section 3: This section ic02 you how to use these features to turn your phone into a time management planner that helps you keep up with your appointments, schedules, and commitments.

Press Highlight Contact and press Enter the Contacts name and press To enter a Walkie-Talkie number, highlight Walkie-Talkie, enter the number, and press To enter a phone number, highlight Number 1, enter the number, and press Assign Mobile, Home, Work, or Pager to the number and press This section includes easy-to-follow instructions on managing Voice Records.

With your fingers, carefully slide the SIM card in under the edge, and press manuzl gently in manua. Phones that have been rated have a label with the rating s located on the box, and at www.


To erase Call History: Nextel-approved and Motorola-approved batteries and accessories can be found at Sprint Stores, through Motorola, or by calling to order. Keeping Track Your ic by Motorola allows you to contact your family, friends, and business associates in many different ways — phone calls, Walkie-Talkie calls, Group Walkie-Talkie calls, Talkgroup calls, and Call Alerts.

Managing Preset Messages Your phone is programmed with 15 preset messages to help make sending text messages faster and easier.

Page For more helpful hints on Voice Command, including a list of recognized commands and an interactive tutorial, visit www. Missed Phone Calls Missed phone calls are forwarded to voicemail. While attempting to copy information with your SIM Manager, you may encounter circumstances that prevent you from completing the task.

To activate Call Forwarding: Select Save and press Select As New Entry and press keypad to enter the new contact name, then press Save manuual softkey. Symbol o o o Li Ion BATT o Choking Hazards Your mobile device or its accessories may include detachable parts, which may present a choking hazard to small i502.

Erasing All Contacts To erase all the Contacts entries stored in your phone: Returns you to a previously viewed page after having used Mark this Page. Highlight each member you want to add and press after each selection. When using this feature, the normal airtime rates will be charged for each of the two calls. Setting Up Your Voicemail Setting Up Your Voicemail Unanswered phone calls are automatically transferred to your voicemail, even if your phone is in use or turned off.

Press Select Yes left softkey or No right softkey. Call manal in your address book — Who Is Covered Motorola, or its authorized service centers, are excluded from coverage.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. To change your default event ringer type, from the standby screen, press and select a ringer. maunal


Sprint Nextel ic502 Cell Phone User Manual

Manyal the charger into an electrical outlet. Keeping Track Keeping Track Your ic by Motorola allows you to contact your family, friends, and business associates in many different ways — phone calls, Walkie-Talkie calls, Group Walkie-Talkie calls, Talkgroup calls, and Call Alerts. Press Options right softkeyselect Voice Records List, and press Use the navigation key to scroll to a recording. Page 78 However, you cannot initiate a call when the code is set to Receive All.

The phone rings or vibrates. These only contain phone calls. Access your account information.

Motorola ic502 Buzz Manual / User Guide

Any time you are roaming, the phone displays the roaming icon. To make a Three-Way Call: Scroll to the phone number you want to call and press — or — To call another number from the entry, use the navigation keys to scroll left and right until you reach the phone number you wish to call and press Tip: You can make — Code calls — two-way radio calls conducted off the network and using open channels and codes.

Be sure the gold-colored areas on the battery and on the phone are touching. Motorola, at its option, will at no charge repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any Products, Accessories or Software that does not conform to this warranty.

The browser reloads the current Web page. Page While Copying With your phone powered off, remove the battery door and battery.

The Location feature allows the network to detect your position.