Il Padrino [Mario Puzo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Prima Edizione. Brina said: Mario Puzo wrote The Godfather, a book that was to become an instant El Padrino es un libro que nunca se me habrĂ­a ocurrido leer, no es que . Il padrino by Mario Puzo, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Putnam’s Sons Publication date. Works by Mario Puzo. Also, this book has impressive power; it took me so long to read it because every time I opened in public padruno started to talk to me about it.

For copyright reasons, the Corleone family involvement was cut from the Michael Cimino film adaptationwhich is not considered part of the Godfather film series.

Il padrino : Mario Puzo :

It is a matter of taste, I suppose, but next to the movies – so elegant and grandiose – it feels a bit like reading pulp fiction. Expect to be accepted in heaven?

Sonny retaliates with a hit on Bruno Tattaglia. Michael’s transformation from a young war-hero to a ruthless Mafia boss is both fascinating and devastating. Mario Padrini Mafia 7 books.

Il padrino by Mario Puzo on Apple Books

De Stefano, George Balzac wrote of Puzzo telling Eugene: Shortly before Christmas, drug baron Virgil “The Turk” Sollozzo, backed by the Tattaglia crime family, asks Vito for investment in his narcotics business and protection through his political connections.


But com’on, one can overlook that when the plot is this good and the characters this unforgettable. Ironically, good housewives barely go by with a name in this novel, but sluts and bad women usually have a names to be referred with. Devastated by Sonny’s death and realizing that the Tattaglias ol controlled by the now-dominant Don Emilio BarziniVito attempts to end the feud.

Il padrino

He knows every feather that falls from the tail of a sparrow or however the hell it goes. The Coppola Restoration contains several new special features that play in high definition, along with additional scenes.

pdrino I’m apprehensive about reading this book. Continuing Puzo’s habit, as seen in The Godfatherof featuring characters who are close analogues of real life events and public figures as Johnny Fontane is an analogue of Frank SinatraWinegardner features in his two Godfather novels analogues of JosephJohnand Robert F.

The Godfather

Archived from the original on July 14, But, I didn’t know what I will get because I never saw the movies and never read anything about the book. Archived from ,ario original on October 29, The night Vito is shot, it is his padtino son Michael who shows up in the hospital.

Some of the activities may be illegal, yet they are overlooked as even rival crime families view Don Vito Corleone with nothing but the utmost respect and reverence.

I do think that this is the book’s strongest point. In the season three episode ” Lisa’s Pony ” Lisa wakes up to find a horse in her bed and starts screaming. View all 18 comments.


Here we see flesh-and-blood people living at a Hadean level– system of business ethics and family morality included. Jun 16, Brina rated it it was amazing Shelves: In The Godfather ReturnsWinegardner also dramatizes the sweep of organized crime arrests that took place in Apalachin, New Yorkin In the novel, she is treated like a major character, even though her plot arc has nothing to do with the central narrative.

In the season eighteen episode ” The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer “, the film’s final scene is mimicked with a door being closed on Lisa Simpson. Retrieved August 17, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ruddy was officially announced as the film’s producer, in part because studio executives were impressed with his interview and because he was known for bringing his films in under budget.

For a three hour movie, the scenes moved quickly leaving me captivated and on edge.