Delphine Lettau, Charles Franks, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. IMMENSEE BY THEODOR W. STORM TRANSLATED BY C. W. BELL M. A. Immensee By Theodor Storm. ‘Immensee’ is around forty pages long. So, it is closer to a long short story or a short novella. The story starts with. Theodor Storm (), one of the leading literary Realists of the nineteenth century, achieved world-wide popularity with the novella Immensee in

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The heathen priests harness them to their carriages, and drive about the desert with them. A stork flew up from the chimney, and circled slowly above the waters. Looking for beautiful books?

The mother meanwhile sat busy with her needlework, while Eric listened attentively, with one hand clasped in the other. She laid her hand upon his arm, her lips moved, but not a word did he hear.

German Literature Month – Book Review – Immensee by Theodor Storm | Vishy’s Blog

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. I have been able to read just one book till now. Reinhard unrolled the sheet, Elisabeth caught one side of it in her hand, and they both examined it together.

Catalog Record: Immensee | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Eric made as if to go after, but the mother said: The whole novella can give us the impression that the talent alone is never enough and should be accompanied by self-confidence.


So he wrote them down exactly as he had stor them himself. Reinhard continued along the shore. An ancient folk-song which treats of a beautiful but poor maiden, who, being unable to marry ‘the young count,’ retired to a convent. Your fondness of the story ignited a spark that makes me want to read it too.

Well, dtorm is myself! He rowed over the water and trod once again all the paths which he and Elisabeth had paced together but a short hour ago. Then she struck a chord and sang in a deep, passionate voice: Storm, poet and short-story writerwas born in Schleswig.

Do you believe it, Elisabeth? When he got back home it was dark. It is unforgettable in one’s life when love is first awaken by the other person.

This was an expanse of blossoming fruit-trees, and out of them, up on the high lake shore, rose the manor-house, shining white, with tiles of red. At the end of the latter, on a projecting mound, there was a bench under some tall birch trees.

Catalog Record: Immensee | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Jan 14, Kristina added etorm. After a quarter of an hour’s walk the shade to the left of him suddenly came to an end; the road led along a steep slope from which the ancient oaks growing below hardly reared their topmost branches.


After all, it is only forty pages long: I invited you entirely on the quiet, in order that the pleasure might be all the greater.

Elisabeth was at all times gentle and kind. I also spotted a reference to India in the story, which made me smile.

Immensee and Other Stories

There Reinhard finds a parcel. Apr 22, Breslin White rated it it was amazing. The novella is full of dreamy, romantic natural images with which we can travel into such a lovely imaginary world. The local folk songs, peppered throughout, are a bit cloying and oh-too-appropriate, beating us over the head with what we already see.

The physical distance creates a barrier between a boy and the girl and they try bridging it every time they meet, but it becomes harder and harder. On arriving at the farm they fell in with a scissors grinder’s cart standing in front of the manor-house.

After a while they emerged from the shady foliage and stood in a wide clearing. Immensee by Theodore W. She blushed, but made no reply; he had taken her hand in his tsorm in greeting, and she tried to draw it gently away.