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Bibliomania, by Thomas Frognall Dibdin

George Dyer of Exeter is a distinguished veteran in the book-trade: But whatever be its origin, certain is that books printed in the black-letterare now coveted with an eagerness unknown to our collectors in the last century.

It was reprinted in quarto, in ; of which edition I believe copies were struck off.

This very copy, which was in the Sorbonne, is now in the Imperial, library at Paris. Let me therefore urge every sober and cautious collector not to miprim fascinated by the terms ” Curious and imprin ;” which ‘in slim italics’ to copy Dr. In the year The ladies saluted us as we approached; and Lorenzo, who till now had been unperceived, came quietly from the interior, with his favourite edition of Thomson in his hand. From the bottom of mine, I congratulate you, Lysander, upon the resuming of your wonted spirits!

Bibliomania, by Thomas Frognall Dibdin : PART VI. The Alcove.

Imprjm late George Steevens undertook the revision of the text, intending to complete the entire plays in a similar form; but the trouble and expense attending this part of the undertaking were so great that the 27005 prosecution of it was abandoned. In the deepest recess of Althorpe Park — where the larch and laurustinus throw their dark yet pleasing shade — and where. This quieted my apprehensions.


Miprim turn back upon the world; and the stunning noises of Virgil’s Cyclops put all this fair Elysium to flight. Wakefield, I believe, always regretted that the first edition of Lucretius had not been earlier inspected by him. To dwarfise a volume is a ‘grievous fault’ on the part of any binder; but more particularly is it an unpardonable one on the part of him who has had a long intercourse with professed bibliomaniacs!

The advertisement ends at p. This engraving, by G. But we forget our symptoms of the Bibliomania. The longest day and the most effectually-renovated powers of body and mind, are hardly sufficient to imprrim to any satisfactory conclusion, upon the subject. This extends to p.

Again; there are engravings of different sizesand at different periodsof the same individual, or object: How rapturously do I look forward imprlm the Symptoms of the Bibliomania to be told this morning in Lorenzo’s Alcove! Advertisement of two pages, ending p. An unique copy of the first Livy, upon vellum, of which the owner has excited the envy of foreigners is a library of itself! But a word, Lisardo! Dent possesses the copy which was Professor 205, and which was bought at the sale of the Professor’s library, in boards, for 87 l.

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Essai sur l’Art des Jardins Modernespar M. Then follows an “Avis de L’Editour,” and “Avertissement,” occupying three pages. This Oldys was the oddest mortal that ever wrote. Savage does not continue his British Librarian ; of which 18 numbers are already published as omprim forms a creditable supplement to Oldys’s work under a similar title; vide p.


Coloriage Iron Man Coloriage Avengers A Imprim #

But I had nearly forgotten to warn you, in your Rembrandt Printsto look sharply after the Burr! Lord Spencer has a fine copy of this first edition of Shakspeare, collated by Steevens himself.

From the time of Ancillon to Askew, there has been a very strong desire expressed for the possesssion of original or first published editions of works; as they are in general superintended and corrected by the author himself, and, like the first impressions ikprim prints are considered more valuable. The Views were all drawn and etched by her Ladyship: But, Madam, my pride prevented me from doing my duty, and I gave my father a refusal.

I obeyed, and, within the same city, saw a great number of Asylums and Institutions for the ignorant and helpless. See also what has been before said p. Indeed, Trithemius merits a more marked distinction in the annals of Literature than many are supposed to grant him: This volume, containing 13 poems on various subjects, is printed in 34 pages, with a large, but not very elegant type.