Rijksoverheid () Integratienota Integratie, Binding, Burgerschap . homoplein en keppeltjesdag [Amsterdam’s PvdA wants homo square and yarmulke day]. Koninkrijksrelaties), Integratienota Integratie, binding, burgerschap, 16 June , van de SP-kiezers en de helft van de kiezers van de PvdA, D66 en stelde zijn vragen naar aanleiding van de nieuwe integratienota van het.

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I have been wrong.

In front of the tsunami of discrimination and hate-mongering against foreigners and their families, that invades Europe here and now, too few are the voices of intellectuals and scientists, who master the courage to say what they know is the truth: The public debate shifted as planned, from the barbarous cuts to “freedom of speech” with the US ultra-right.

It must be the right way to deal with 21st century problems. English Info Page at huibslog.

Uw profiel is aangemaakt U heeft een e-mail ontvangen met een activatielink. Too little, too late. De Lage Landen Blog: Zo worden de veranderingen in stemgedrag per individu geregistreerd.

Tuesday, August 24, Worst imaginable scenario in Holland: At Home in Europe [EN]. The right is hoping for a landslide at the regional provincial elections in March,for the provincial parliaments who nominate the senate integratienots.

At Home in Europe. Dat blijkt vandaag uit kiezersonderzoek van Maurice de Hond. We got a preview of the way in which an eventual minority rightist government will deal with that kind of provocations, as CDA-leader and acting foreign minister Verhagen timidly asked Mr.

Als deelnemers de vraag voorgelegd krijgen op wie ze nu zouden stemmen, zien ze eerst hun oude keus voor zich. Two of his most recent books are here: There is no way back.

Common sense will accept credibility of peaceful social solutions.

At Home in Europe [EN]: August

Found a place to be: My 3 Other EuroBlogs and where they come together: The VVD and CDA agree on a 18 billion euro spending-cut program, without compensation by way of charging the wealthy and the banks who provoked the recent financial crisis. The democratic Left should take their own destiny in their hands and go forward. Wilders already gave in on the retirement pension issue.


Likewise, it will have to deal with religious fanatics, who reject any accommodation with western society. About Islam, anything goes, actually. He is a fine expert of the Muslim world, its history integatienota its diversity. In de reguliere peiling naar het aantal virtuele Kamerzetels van de politieke partijen veranderde niets, ondanks toch grote onderwerpen de afgelopen weken als bezuinigingen op de zorg, de cultuur en de publieke omroep.

Wilders remains free, to develop his provocations and to terminate his collaboration with the Right at any moment that suits him. The Dutch welfare state is deconstructed by the thatcherite conservative VVD, while the CDA, I presume, will limit itself to protecting the corporatist structures it planted in Dutch society from the Fifties onwards.

Meanwhile, the not-right political side, kept quiet.

Tuesday, August 31, Wertheim: Driekwart van de Nederlanders steunt vpda nieuwe kabinetsbeleid dat mensen die naar Nederland komen zich moeten aanpassen aan de Nederlandse samenleving en de waarden ervan.

U heeft een e-mail ontvangen met een activatielink. The hate-poison has spread itself to wide integratiennota of the public. Wertheim, Amsterdam University, one of my teachers there during the Sixties.

EuropeEuropean UnionUnited Kingdom. Intimidated by Wilders’ rhetoric and inapt to mobilize the majority of Dutch citizens who are staunchly against apartheid and discrimination on their doorsteps, they are waiting for a miraculous end to the Fortuyn-Wilders nightmare, hiding away in silence and hoping that somebody else than themselves, will take upon them the dirty task to tell the bare integratienotz about Wilders’ gliding to neo- fascism.

Such a inntegratienota will have to deal with the outrageous accusations from Wilders and his far-right Israeli and US allies, that the Left is part of a world-wide conspiracy that allies itself with Islamists in order to stay in power. Now and then, Cole publishes a “guest editorial” by another expert. What we see, is a devilish scenario.


Integratiebeleid kabinet krijgt brede steun bevolking

Engaging the Muslim World sets a possible course for the new Obama administration, doing away with the neocon-inspired Bush “war against evil states”. That makes clear, that the democratic left is not your enemy, but your ally. Wilders, who had himself elected on promises of no-cuts on pensions and welfare, agrees however, in so far as his program of apartheid and discrimination of immigrants, as well as his security proposals are honored by the two other parties.

Wilders’ political career, based on discrimination and hate-mongering. Wilders’ one-man PVV “party”, a mafioso construction controlling 24 out of parliamentarians in the Dutch administrative capital The Hague is not excluded, no, it it calling the shots, for the moment.

Toto Le Psycho de Bruxelles Modern-day hate-mongering integeatienota following the same road as recent waves of hate, discrimination, pogroms, ethnic cleansing and mass-extermination rode, just before they burst into collective aggression, war and death. Living in Brussels, Belgium – capital of surrealism. Opiniepeiler De Hond stelde zijn vragen naar aanleiding van de nieuwe integratienota van het kabinet, die afgelopen week door minister Piet Hein Donner werd gepresenteerd.

A cultural relativist by trade and necessity. In an artistic move, Wilders created a national and international discussion about intevratienota pros and cons of his appearance at the SIOA meeting in New York on September 11 against the Park 51 inter-religious centre, where an Islamic worship room is planned.

Le temps de la religion sans culture. Feels at home there. In French and mostly translated into Englishsimilar studies by Olivier Roy: