Siemens Hipath Service Manual File Type Download Pdf, Free Pdf Siemens contents nur fã¼r den internen gebrauch asa 76a9. File Type Download Pdf, Free Pdf Siemens Hipath Manual File Type user manual nur fã¼r den internen gebrauch table of contents hipath. Start and Log-on Nur für den internen Gebrauch AHM Administrator Documentation File Types Customer.

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This feature, also commonly known as “Multiple Line Appearance”, provides the user with multiple vebrauch, resp. The corresponding section in the V2 menu is called “Authentication”.

First certificate to enable a secure connection with the web server specified for the “send URL” function see Gebrauh 4. Free Programmable Keys FPK The function associated with a programmable feature key is represented by a feature id number. IP address of the default gateway which is used for connections beyond the subnet. The value is built up during phone start up, querying the hardware variant.

Further specifications can be given via the ItemList, e. NULL Label for new urgent items. NULL Label for old items. Protocols When the provisioning service wants to start communicating with a phone, it has to send a special contact-me message.

In its reply, the phone confirms that the action has been accepted. The provisioning service may set an FPK to one of the new functions. For the first key module, the key numbers represented by the index attribute are to for the first level, and to for the egbrauch level.

  ASTM D4716 PDF

The fixed value is OptiIpPhone. It represents the sequential number of a particular instance of an item. Allows for control and configuration both by the user and the administrator. In order to prevent overflow problems, longer messages can be split into fragments. Built-in forwarding Toggles phone-based call forwarding. Component registrar Filletype As with “Adminis- Handles data relating to ation tration” the type of phone, e.

When configured on the phone, a press on u or Ihternen will invoke this application, in place of the personal local or corporate LDAP phonebook.

OpenStage Provisioning Interface Developer’s Guide |

Personal Label for the key. The following mode keys can be used to start an XML application: With “suspended”, the admin password is not available for a period or until reset. After the timeout has expired, the call is no longer available.

Supersedes radius-server-validation but the old item is retained and synchronised to the policy. The same ringer name should not be configured for a different map entry.

OpenStage Provisioning Interface Developer’s Guide

Auto reconnect beep locked-configmenus Enable beep on auto reconnect. Moreover, a multitude of interfaces for control, configuration, and provisioning is available: Sent to the phones, the value is provisioning service in always 0.


This certificate enables the phone to verify the authenticity of an application server. For each indexed application, an individual action can be defined. The optional certificate is available for the Web Browser to import. PIN entry fiketype max.

Ports On the phone side, the destination port for messages to the provisioning server can be freely chosen. NULL Fifth forwarding destination. When configured on the phone, a press on w or Call Log will invoke this application.


On startup, the phone receives the address and port of the provisioning service from the DHCP server. Contact-me The main purpose of the contact-me message is to allow the phone to decide when to send a response.

Attempts to write an unchangeable setting will be rejected by gebraucch phone as per other pre-existing read-only provisioning service items. This document contains information about the required infrastructure and describes the provisioning interface in detail. Backup OBP flag backupoutboundproxy Boolean Determines whether or not the backup proxy is used as an outbound proxy.