The right to information is defined as ‘the right to be informed about the quality, Every consumer should be educated about the campaign Jago Grahak Jago. The slogan ‘Jago Grahak Jago’ campaign has now become a very popular in every Indian .. Know about “Access to information can block the road to. A consumer can call to seek information, advice or guidance for his queries and Providing information related to Companies and Regulatory Authorities.

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Automobiles, Housing, Domestic Appliances, Travel etc. Consumers today are not sovereign as much as we would like to believe, we make consumption decisions not always guided by rationale but by factors like branding and marketing.

Consumer awareness is one of the significant social, economic and political concern in most of the developing nations. Every consumer should be educated about the campaign Jago Grahak Jago.

Consumer Rights

You may contact us by dialing toll free no. The BIS has taken new initiatives in introducing a certification scheme for foreign manufacturers and imported goods, food safety certification as per ISO Standards.

The Act enshrines all consumer rights which are internationally accepted. Despite these efforts by the Government of India and numerous other voluntary organizations which strive to create awareness about consumer rights among the public, how many of us are aware of our consumer rights?

The most important grahai in Consumer Movement in the country has been the enactment of the Consumer Protection Javo, Every consumer should have right to be assured. This calls for concerted efforts from every one. We have managed to put back a smile on the faces of numerous grieved consumers. Our team constantly strives towards a healthy, educated and an aware nation! In consonance with the special emphasis placed by this Department on the development of legal metrology in the country, a comprehensive Legal Metrology Bill has been enacted to replace the Standards of Weights and Measures Act, and the Standards of Weights and Measures Enforcement Act, Right to be Heard.

Still the government of India, known for its callousness, does not succeed in acknowledging this fact or making a feeble effort for maintaining statistics of the mishaps.

The existence of cartels, oligopolies and monopolies prove to be counterproductive to consumerism. The Government of India needs to have world class product testing facilities to test drugs, food, cars or any other consumable product that can prove to be a menace to life. There is another right claimed by Indian government on paper, this right must ideally make sure that all consumable products have been labeled in a standard manner containing the cost, quantity, the ingredients and instructions given to use the gragak safely.


Since the Indian consumers come from a socialistic background, the tolerating of monopolistic market is found in their blood. For consumer claims up to 20 lakhs District courts, State Commission for above 20 Lakhs but less than one crore and National Commission for claims above one crore. Every criticism filed gradually lessens the overall score of the product which is being criticized therefore each complaint is independently checked by an investigator who belonged to Consumerdaddy. Online Consumer Complaint Management System Right to redressal – if consumer rights are infringed.

The Future Roadmap The multi-media publicity to educate consumers and make them aware about their rights will have a long lasting impact not only on the end consumers but also on the entire manufacturing and services sector. It is very essential for the consumers to know these rights. You are doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so. Right to Consumer Education. When there is violation of the right then there occur medical malpractice lawsuits garhak the country.

There should be establishment of unit price publishing standards for consumer market where costs are revealed in standard units like trahak kg or per liter. The Department of Consumer Affairs has video spots of 30 seconds duration on various consumer related issues, which are being telecast through Cable and Satellite channels.

Owning to the wrong treatment, the complainant got handicapped and lost his eyesight. Today Fast food culture is seeing steep growth in Indian market too, thus it is essential for young consumers to assess what our needs are, eating junk food in moderation without getting addicted to its fat and sugar and importantly going beyond spurious marketing veil.

Hence our responsibility as consumers does warrant a mention here. Moreover, the consideration for either the goods or services may be either paid or promised, or partly paid or promised, or provided under a system of deferred payment. Usually the hidden costs can be found, lack of suitability, quality problems and jaho hazards only after the purchase of the product.

Thus this blog is my attempt to understand what rights as consumers we have in India and what are the laws pertaining to the protection of consumer interest. With increasing number of people shopping online new set of challenges have developed, inforjation consumers no longer see the seller or the product.


It is believed at consumerdaddy. Where ever there is possibility of access to different products at competitive rates, the consumer should be given access to.

I wish them all the best. After few initial years of lobbying, inThe Indian Parliament adopted the Consumer Protection Act and provided a legal face to the Indian consumer. January 21, at 6: Other rights were gradually added; Consumer International Umbrella Organization for consumer organizations in over countries expanded the rights to further include right to healthy environment and right to basic needs.

What are the Objectives behind ‘Jago Grahak Jago’ Campaign?

Comments 2 Comments Categories Uncategorized. Naresh Kumar Makhija, Consumer. Join or Log Into Facebook. The District forum President LB Singh and member Sumanlata Sharma observed that doctor was negligent towards his duties and his act comes under the preview of dereliction of duty, therefore he was liable to pay a sum of Rs 2 lakh as damages to the complainant.

Marketing of such food stuff creates association between consumers and the perception of happytimes, enjoyment without quite highlighting the consequences of daily junk food consumption.

Thirteen years later President Gerald Ford added one more right, i. The right to be protected against the marketing of goods which are hazardous to life and property.

We are not doing you a favor by serving you. The Act also provides for councils at district, state and national level, with the aim to help the respective governments in adopting and reviewing policies for promoting, protecting the rights of the consumers also for the purpose of spreading consumer awareness.

Because of this, the Indian consumers hardly have precise and complete information for assessing the true value, safety, suitability, reliability of any product.

Ultimately it was on 9th of AprilUnited Nations General Assembly adopted a set imformation general guideline for consumer protection and the UN Secretary General was authorized to persuade member countries to adopt these guidelines through policy changes or laws.