Inter-region planning and analysis of water resources by using WEAP model Seybouse (Annaba) and Coastal East of Constantine (El-Taref). from Mafragh and Seybouse rivers into Annaba Bay. Material and Method .. Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment. 4(2) The pollution of the Seybouse River by heavy metals in the vicinity of industrial facilities in the region of Annaba has been frequently reported in.

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Journal of Water and Land Development

Impact of industrial rejections on water of Annaba aquifer Algeria. Using the modified scalar product approach for testing the direction of seepage through the earth-fill dam in Pieczyska.

Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. Water is seen as key factor for development. Science of the Total Environment. Stockholm Environment Institute pp. Implications of spatial scale on climate change assessments. About the article Received: A new conceptual water integrated model for the Seybouse basin, Annaba region. Using artificial neural network ANN for prediction of sediment loads, application to the Mellah catchment, northeast Algeria.

Case study the Lake Obili in Yaounde Cameroon. In this paper, drought monitoring for the period between and was conducted in the Seybouse watershed by analysing annual rainfall data in terms of variability and trends along with the calculation of the standardized precipitation index SPI.


Journal of European Water. Application to the low plain of Seybouse Northeast Algeria]. Moreover, the interpolation of the standardized precipitation indices SPI on the entire Seybouse basin in GIS allowed visualizing and evaluating the spatial-temporal evolution of drought in the seybousr which should help the decision-makers in the management of water resources, agriculture and annxba activities that may be affected by drought.

Journal des Sciences Hydrologiques. Journal of Desalination and Water Treatment. Volume 16 Issue 1 Octpp. Comparison with drought of and ]. User Account Log in Register Help. Volume 35 Issue 1 Decpp.

Drought monitoring in the Seybouse basin (Algeria) over the last decades

Spatial variability of drought: Part 1, Model Characteristics. Volume 14 Issue Decpp. De Gruyter – Sciendo. Volume 10 Issue Decpp. Journal des Sciences Hydrologiques.

Theoretical and Applied Climatology p. Long term changes in African rainfall. Historical analysis of drought in the United States. Assessment of groundwater vulnerability to pollution using the Kherici’s method in the Talezza plain Collo region NE Algeria. See all formats and pricing Online. Application to the low plain of Seybouse Northeast Algeria].

Also, acute toxicity of sodium dodecyl sulphate as an ionic surfactant was tested on Daphnia magna. User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content. University of Western Sydney. The model stimulation showed that the area study is sensitive to a serious water scarcity by Simulation of water supply and water demand in the valley of Seybouse East Algeria. Volume 29 Issue 1 Junpp. Volume 21 Issue 1 Julpp. A rdoin -B ardin S.


Desalination seybouae Water Treatment. SPI based meteorological drought assessment over a humid basin: Modelling current and future supply and water demand in the northern region of the Seybouse Valley.

Volume 26 Issue 1 Seppp. A nonparametric trend test for seasonal data with serial dependence. M, V ogel R.

Volume 38 Issue 1 Seppp. Trend analysis of stream flow drought events in Nebraska. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.

Journal of Water and Land Development

Revue des Sciences et de la Technologie. Volume 30 Issue 1 Seppp. The actual system use of water resources is not able to sustain water needs that are more and more growing in different expansion sectors. Management of water resources at Souk-Ahras region Alegria. Hydrology of die Mediterranean and Semiarid Regions.

Drought monitoring with multiple time scales.