The Joyous Cosmology is a brilliant arrangement of words describing This is, of course, exactly the distinction which Alan Watts wants us to transcend. But Mr. The Joyous Cosmology is Alan Watts’s exploration of the insight that the consciousness-changing drugs LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin can. The Joyous Cosmology by Alan W. Watts download free PDF ebook Joyous Cosmology – Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciusness – by.

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I am not saying cosmoloogy only intellectuals can benefit from them, but that there must be sufficient discipline or insight to relate this expanded consciousness to our normal, everyday life. I do not know whether this mode of vision organizes the world in the same way that it organizes the body, or whether it is just that the natural world is organized in that way.

Potentialities of the cortex, not of the drug. Medicines or drugs or sacramental foods? Evening cosmollogy last closes a day that seemed to have been going on since the world began. Undoubtedly a must-read for anyone interested in the topic. It’s a gesture of motion, of sound, of color, and just as no one is making it, it isn’t happening to anyone. Thousands of young people, fed up with standard-brand religions which provided nothing but wwatts, admonition, and usually bad ritual, rushed immediately to LSD and other psychedelics in search of some key to genuine religious experience.

There is no “drug reaction” but always setting-plus-drug.

Jul 05, Erik Graff rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I cannot decide where shape ends and color begins. Eventually this unified and timeless mode of perception “caps” our ordinary way of thinking and acting in the practical world: To understand our findings we have finally been forced back on a language and point of view quite alien to us who are trained in the traditions of mechanistic objective psychology.

Watts himself mention the book in the first sentence of the preface and he then write that ” In his books he relates his experience to scientific knowledge and to the teachings of Eastern and Western religion and philosophy. It’s a gesture of motion, of sound, of colour’ p.

I find that in ordinary consciousness I am habitually trying to ring myself off from this totality, that I am perpetually on the defensive. In addition to this quiet and contemplative mode of meditation there seems to cosmloogy to be an important place for another, somewhat akin to the spiritual exercises of the dervishes.

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It’s a story of a temporarily selfless being experiencing the world. But this is an ascending hierarchy of maneuvers, of stratagems capping stratagems, all symbolized in the overlays of refinement beneath which the original howl is still sounding.

No trivia or quizzes yet. All such sumptuary laws regulating private morals and creating crimes without unwilling victims are attempts to make personal freedom foolproof and without risk, and thus to deprive the individual of responsibility for his own life and of taking calculated risk for the achievement of political, social, athletic, scientific, or religious objectives which he feels well worth the dangers.

I go into the garden again. At this level there is not one thing called pain and another thing called myself, which dislikes pain. The hills are moving into their stillness. Such documents exist by the thousand, and, in view of our very rudimentary knowledge of the brain, seem to me to have a rather limited value.

The Joyous Cosmology – Alan Watts | Creative by Nature

We joous aware of things against which we normally protect ourselves, and this accounts, I feel, for the high susceptibility to anxiety in the early phases of the experience. The politics of the nervous system involves the mind against the brain, the tyrannical verbal brain disassociating itself from the organism and world of which it is a part, censoring, alerting, evaluating.

But these are all different languages for the same thing, different qualities of sensitivity, different dimensions of consciousness. And there is a sound instinct in ccosmology use of these physical aids, as in the repeated cksmology of mystics that to know about God is not enough: Relative to our own times, the prosecution of sumptuary laws is as tyrannical as any of the excesses of the Holy Inquisition or the Star Chamber.

It akan so entertaining and perfectly articulated that I couldn’t help but read it all in one sitting. I use cosmoloyy word deliberately and shall use it again. While his views on drugs are interesting and probably ahead of his time, that’s not the centrepiece of this book for joyoks. To think of people as “the masses” is to wattts of them by analogy with a subhuman style of order.

Because one stops forcing experience with the conscious will and looking at things as if one were confronting them, or standing aside from them to manage them, it is possible for one’s fundamental and unitive apprehension of the world to rise to the surface. The realization that mind and body, form and matter, are one is blocked, however, by ages of semantic confusion and psychological prejudice.

The bulging head of one is the narrowing tail of the other. These, too, form a circle of reciprocity, a round spectrum so polarized that we can only describe each in terms of the others. It seems to me a sound legal principle that people should be prosecuted only for overt and clearly specifiable deeds, damaging or clearly intended to damage life, limb, and property. The two seem like egg and hen, or like back and front. In this way it begins to appear codmology instead of knowers and knowns there are simply knowings, and instead of doers and deeds simply doings.


Three varieties were found to be in use. Where do we begin?

But as a result of this terror, the injudicious use of LSD often mixed with strychnine or belladonna or quite dangerous psychedelics has afflicted uncounted young people with paranoid, megalomanic, and schizoid symptoms. For I was seriously alarmed at the psychedelic equivalents of bathtub gin, and of the prospect of these chemicals, uncontrolled in dosage and content, being bootlegged for use in inappropriate settings without any competent supervision whatsoever.

Famous for his research on comparative religion, he was best known as an interpreter and popularizer of Asian philosophies for a Western audience.

The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness

At the same time, some of these amateurs, mainly graduate students in chemistry with a mission to “turn people on,” produced some tolerably good LSD. As well try to understand a book by dissolving it in solution and popping it into a joyos. But the face dissolves.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. No authoritarian government, whether ecclesiastical or secular, can joyoud the apprehension that each one of us is God in disguise, and that our real inmost, outmost, and utmost Self cannot be killed. Common sense tells me that it is the “intelligence” of the seed to have just such delicate antennae of silk that, in an environment of wind, it can move. Guards inside a fortress inside entrenchments inside a radar curtain. In sum I would say that LSD, and such other psychedelic substances as mescaline, psilocybin, and hashish, confer polar vision; by which I mean that the basic pairs of opposites, the positive and the negative, are seen as the different poles of a single magnet or circuit.

There can be great advantage to vicariously explore alternate realms and let the imagination work its magic.