View and Download Pentax K10D operating manual online. SLR Digital Camera. K10D Digital Camera pdf manual download. Also for: Have tried your link three times ” page not found”. Searched the UK site.. . found the K10D pics, specs, etc but no manual. Maybe. You’ll do better with the K10D if you take time to read the manual and learn every little function. The large Mode dial on top of the camera controls the main.

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Turn the rear e-dial while pressing the ] button.

Quick-return mirror, mirror up function 2 sec. The self-timer lamp will blink to let you know that the camera is in remote control wait status.

Pentax K10D Camera download instruction manual pdf

Interchangeable Focusing Screen Diopter correction lens adapter M This accessory adjusts the diopter. Turn the rear e-dial and adjust the sensitivity. Sets whether Noise Reduction is applied when shooting at low shutter speeds This takes longer between exposures because it has to capture a dark frame after the main exposure.

Exposure compensation and AE lock to add the photographer’s personal touch to automatic exposure The K10D features exposure compensation 1k0d AE lock functions to make you better equipped for varying lighting conditions and specific visual expressions. With a manal push of the AE-L button on the back panel, the K10D instantly memorizes the exposure settings at the time, so that the same exposure level manuaal be retained even after you have recomposed the image.


The first frame is exposed with mqnual compensation, the second frame is underexposed negative compensation and the third is overexposed positive compensation when the number of frames is set to [3]. The current time, location and time difference of the selected city appears. Over 30 patents have been filed for this SR system, which uses a ball-bearing-mounted oscillator unit with four electromagnets that hold the free-floating image sensor.


The camera is ready to take a picture. It eliminates the need of re-adjusting these factors for every image, while producing three different images with a single shutter release.

Program line – 2: The frame manua, to the month. Using the B Green Mode Automatically sets shutter speed and aperture value to the proper exposure according to Program line when taking pictures. Using The Built-in Flash Using the Built-in Flash If you wish to discharge the flash in a dark or backlit location, press the K button to pop up the flash. Displaying The Digital Preview Displaying the Digital Preview Focus on the subject, then compose the picture in the viewfinder and move the main switch to.

Using the p Bulb Mode This mode is useful for the long exposures required for shooting night scenes and fireworks. For g, the front and back self-timer lamps start blinking slowly and blink rapidly 2 seconds before the shutter is released.

The camera adjusts the ISO sensitivity to meet the requirements of your Aperture and Shutter settings.

Since this function allows the use of higher shutter speeds in poor lighting situations such as indoor sports events and night scenesit helps the photographer to effectively reduce camera shake and prevent blurred images. Set the mode dial to B. Six built-in digital filters allow you to add a variety of visual effects to recorded images, while eliminating the need of a personal computer for effortless direct printing.


Unavailable due to vignetting Following are evaluated without a hood. The camera returns to the Fn menu screen.

Set the day and year in the same manner. You can change the step units to Mired in [Color temp. Understanding Contrast The graph peaks gradually for images in which contrast is balanced. Cleaning services involve a fee.

Pentax K10D instruction manual and user guide

As a result, it assures beautifully exposed flash images for all photographers, while minimizing problems common to flash photography, such as overexposed, washed-out subjects and underexposed subjects lacking in detail. Turn the main o10d to while looking through the viewfinder. At the same time, the Programmed AE mode manhal automated point-and-shoot convenience for swift response to a flurry of unexpected shutter opportunities. For digital SLR camera users, these functions are performed by the white-balance control system.

When shooting with the 2 maunal. Sepia Selects from three levels of density. Page – Changing the Shooting Conditions Automat Rotating Images Understanding Contrast The graph peaks gradually for images in which contrast is balanced. Image is selected and O appears. Combining with L Press the L button p. Making the best use of the 11 AF sensors, the K10D locates the subject quickly and automatically.

Downloads: Operation Manuals

Activates display guides on LCD when the exposure mode is changed or camera is switched on for set amount of time. Capture Mode Capture Mode Functions of buttons used during shooting are noted. Mode] menu, [Q Playback] menu and [R Set-up] menu can be reset to default settings.