Opinion – Exactly eight years ago this month scores of Ijaw youths met at Kaiama, the hometown of the late Isaac Idaka Boro, the Ijaw warrior. On December 11, , 5, Ijaw people representing over 40 Ijaw clans, chose the town of Kaiama to articulate their aspirations for the Ijaw people, and to . But it s having a running battle with security agents over a planned meeting of Ijaw youths worldwide, today, on the Kaiama Declaration.

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Also just before the Nigerian civil war, Southeastern State of Nigeria was created, which had the colonial Calabar division, and colonial Ogoja division. Under intense pressure from the controllers of state power and the corporations declaratioh nearly sold their Ijawness for some ridiculous recognition.

Council brushed aside their refusal and empowered the collegiate leadership to engage in genuine dialogue that would lead to:. Community protests and military government retaliatory actions have increased over the last decade in the oil producing regions of Nigeria’s Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

We must first of all love and trust ourselves before others would love and trust us and ultimately reckon with us as a people. They never had flamboyant homes here, there and everywhere but we still revere and pay tribute to them because they left a legacy of selfless service and honesty.

Nigeria: The Kaiama Declaration – Eight Years After

Ceremonial Igbo pot from 9th-century Igbo-Ukwu. That the unabating damage done to our fragile natural environment and to the health of our people is due in the main to uncontrolled exploration and exploitation of crude oil and natural gas which has led to numerous oil spillages, uncontrolled gas flaring, the opening up of our forests kaiamma loggers, indiscriminate canalisation, flooding, land subsidence, coastal erosion, earth tremors etc.

We Dare To Be Different. Three days after his arrival, nearby Bonny was liberated by federal troops and he followed his job as an administrator with appointment as a commissioner in the old Rivers State. Populated places in Bayelsa State. The price they paid for their valorous resistance, just like the price Boro paid for his efforts to ensure that we are free, acknowledged and respected, should be a constant reminder for us to eschew selfishness, greed and graft. I asked him and he said he had said it that he was out for policemen and army and he had told people to avoid army positions before then.


They never had huge bank accounts but we still honor them and invoke their names because of the sense of hope and courage they evoke. The Niger Delta, as now defined officially by the Nigerian government, extends over about 70, km2, historically and cartographically, it consists of present-day Bayelsa, Delta, and Rivers States.

Other main occupation are in the service of the Nigerian states of Bayelsa. Just a few examples: While that was on table in the paper and not yet implemented, government pronounced amnesty only for Governor Rotimi Amaechi to pass behind the back of the Federal Government to sensitize the army and they started shooting at Okirika.

Kaiama Declaration

Council now welcomes all such prodigal kings, Elders and opinion makers saying: The Ijaw environment is dying. And in declaratiin course of calling the elders and leaders of the Niger-Delta, the Ijaw Youth Leaders Forum was also invited and we made it very clear why we pulled out. The council said what the Declaratoin want is a control of their natural resources with which we as a people can carry out programmes and projects which suit our culture, our custom and our aspirations as human beings.

We can do something to improve this situation.

They formed the Ijaw Youth Council IYC and adopted a kxiama which attributed the political crisis in Nigeria to the struggle for the control of oil mineral resources, while asserting that the degradation of the environment of Ijawland by transnational oil companies and the Nigerian State arise mainly because Ijaw people have been robbed of their natural rights to ownership and control of their land and resources. Conference affirmed therefore, that the military are incapable of enthroning true democracy in Nigeria.

They may eventually catch him if they want to but I tell you that he is not alone. Is declraation any understanding now that the JTF will cease hostilities to enable the negotiations go dexlaration Ijaw youths and Peoples will promote the principle of peaceful coexistence between all Ijaw communities and with our immediate neighbours, despite the provocative and divisive actions of the Nigerian State, transnational oil companies and their contractors.


Kaiama Declaration – WikiVisually

By Octoberthe FMG had regained the land after intense fighting, in Septemberthe federal army planned what Gowon described as the final offensive 4.

We further hope that initiatives and strategies to identify and empower individuals with progressive vision for Ijaw nation will commence immediately. The ambassadorial posting is insensitive, unfederal kaixma provocative. This is an immediate and urgent reality facing our peoples in these states. Nigeria is often referred to as the Giant of Africa, owing to its large population, declaratioon approximately million inhabitants, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous country in the world.

The Ogbia clan, Andoni people, as well as residents of Bukuma and Abuloma speak Cross River languages and it was discovered in the s that a nearly extinct Berbice Creole Dutch, spoken declagation Guyana, is partly based on Ijo lexicon and grammar. Next Post The drowning of corps members in Taraba. Our suspicion is that like all such ambitious contract-inspired development plans, it may be designed to give opportunity for the perpetuation of ten per centers and other forms of corruption.

Security alert as Ijaw youths revisit Kaiama declaration

So there is a problem of conspiracy between the army and the bunkerers. We hope this gathering will critically review these recommendations.

In the late s, he established a number of business ventures in retail and real estate. Can anyone of them present here today stand up and speak with gusto enumerating any of their accomplishments?

Conference affirmed therefore, that the military are incapable of enthroning true democracy in Nigeria. The way forward is a Sovereign National Conference of equally represented ethnic nationalities to discuss the nature of a democratic federation of Nigerian ethic nationalities.