KARAITE ANTHOLOGY Excerpts from the Early Literature TRANSLATED FROM ARABIC, ARAMAIC, AND HEBREW SOURCES WITH NOTES BY LEON. Karaite Anthology. Edited and translated by Le. Yale University Press. Pp. xxvi, (Yale Judaica Series. Volume vii). This book marks the first attempt in. Results 1 – 30 of 39 Karaite Anthology: Excerpts from the Early Literature by Nemoy, Leon (ed.0 and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles.

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Do not nations other than Israel come from the four corners of the earth to Jerusalem every month and every year in the awe of God? It reads as fol- lows: It IS safe to say that by remaining in the Rabbanite fold Anan would have been much better off materially than he was as the leader of a small and impoverished band of ascetics.

Kara- ite literature is predominantly theological and for the most part exceedingly technical and dry, but so far as possible, I have chosen texts of historical and literary content, as well as theological and legal texts dealing with subjects not devoid of general interest. He wrote commentaries on Esther, Job, Proverbs, and Daniel as well, 2.

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Moreover, the Karaite and Rabbanite rules dealing with the slaughter of animals for food diflfer enough so that devout Karaites consider meat processed by Rabbanites unclean and unfit to antholoyg eaten. The first to show dissension in the Jewish religion, to sow disobedience to the Law among the people of Israel, subsequent to the establishment of the monarchy, to alter the divine ordinances and to supplant them was Jeroboam, since Scripture says of him in more than one place: He teaches us over and above the beasts of the earth.

With the help of Him who causes men to become rich as well as poor. It may be that in spite of his scholarly achieve- ments and reputation al-Kirkisan!

Since Karaite literature, particularly in the period covered by this anthology, devotes much attention to polemics with Rabban- ism, the reader will find in the following pages some passages which were composed in the heat of controversy and employ rather vehement language. Nor can one claim that at that time there was, in addition to the Hebrew language, another tongue, since Scripture says: The same thing is shown by the passage, the skilled workmen, they are of mere mankind; let kraite all be gathered together, let them stand up Isa.


He was, so far as we now know, the first notable Karaite author to settle in the Holy City. With the progressive decline of the Persian state, it became imperative to re-examine this mass of oral law and custom and eventually reduce it to writing, in order to insure its preserva- tion for the future.

On the other hand, the commen- taries on Lamentations and Ecclesiastes attributed to him contain nothing directed against the Gaon, or even against the Rabbanites, and consequently their authenticity is subject to some doubt. Begun in the second half of the fourth century, this sifting was continued, slowly and carefully, for over a hundred years until about a. How much less, if the Creator, God of all karaitee world, should wax wrathful against a creature, is it fitting for the latter to enjoy food and drink before anhhology has returned in repentance to Him and [His wrath has been mollified]!

Up to this time the Karaites had succeeded in maintaining an amicable relationship with their Rabbanite neighbors, and the failure of the schismatics to gain any appreciable number of converts encouraged the Rabbanite authorities in their belief anthplogy the wisest, as well as the easiest, course was to leave them alone. Blessed be thou, and blessed be thy discre- tion I Sam. And let them offer sacrifices of thanhsgmng Ps. You will ,araite no valid excuse before the Lord if you do not return today to the Law of the Lord and to His ordinances as prescribed in it, because since the be- ginning of the Exile, in the days of the kingdom of the Greeks, the Romans, and the Magians, the Rabbanites held the oiffices of anyhology and judges, and those who sought the Law could not even open their mouths in behalf of the oidinanccs of the Lord for fear of the Rabbanites who were [ruling over them].

The same is the case with the Aramaic letter be- ginning: Babb, Yale Librarian, whose devotion to the development of the Hebrew and Arabic collections in the Sterling Memorial Library of Yale University has made it possible for me to extend the annthology of my studies be- yond what might have been feasible otherwise.

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Obermann of Yale University, who first sug- gested the plan of this anthology and who has followed my work upon it with kindly interest, constructive assistance, and warm encouragement; and to Professor James T. Because the marks of unclean beasts differ from those of clean beasts, whereas the mark of many a clean bird is like that of an unclean one; that is why He listed the unclean birds by their names, and not by their marks. An- other instance is the verse, she shall be called Woman Gen.


It, too, shall be carried to Assyria, for a present to the King Contentious. Moreover, the opposition to oral tradition, the tendency to asceticism, and the impatience with the prolonged exile were xviii KARAITE ANTHOLOGY not totally new elements introduced by the Karaites; they were evident among some groups of Jews several centuries eat her and were merely taken over and developed by the new sectarians.

Unlike Anan, who wrote, so far as we know, only in Aramaic, and unlike his own successors, who wrote mostly in Arabic, Ben- I. To be sure, al-Kirkisani then proceeds to give Daniel a mild re- buke for his disrespect for Anan, but as a matter of fact al-Kirkisam himself held no especially high opinion of Anan as a philosopher and theologian.

They feared the Lord and worshiped their god H Kings The Law of the Lord is perfect Ps. What, then, is the matter with you, our brethren in Israel, that you are not doing even as much as is the custom of the Gentiles in coming to Jerusalem and praying there, as it is written: Thus we are compelled to say that the verse, And they saw the God of Israel. And the witnesses of her divorce are So- and-so, the son of So-and-so, and So-and-so, the son of So-and-so.

It serves also to express compassion for her, inasmuch as she was left all alone, since a woman’s husband is her protector and the one who looks after her. We must also treat the precepts with reverence, as it is written: In matters of law nathology was more rigonstic and exacting than other Karaite teachers.

In a majestic display of karaire, of signs, and of mir- acles; Yet all this majestic beauty we do not see in the whole Mishnah.