Burke’s Pentad (Dramatism). Kenneth Burke developed a critical technique called dramatism1. The foundation of dramatism is the concept of motive: the. Kenneth Burke’s dramatistic approach in speech criticism “Burke’s perspective on perspectives: Grounding dramatism in the representative. Kenneth Burke’s Dramatism. Life is drama; playing roles in relation to other people. Interest in the interaction of language and action. Symbolic.

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It reveals the nuances and complications of language as symbolic action, which in turn, opens up our perspective.

Burke’s Five Elements of Dramatism

University of California Press. How social skills can enhance entrepreneurs’ success.

Our discussion we be structured as follows:. Feminist scholars also talked about our ability as a society to begin to think in new keneth about sex and gender, to extent our language beyond duality to a broad ” humanity ” and to “human beings”. Shaping the Temporal Patterns of our Lives: This is called a ratioand there are ten possible ratios within the Pentad. A Grammar of Motives.

Burke’s Pentad: Dramatism

Relatedly, some critique that the theory lacks parsimony, meaning it is unclear and too large to be useful. Critical Discourse Studies, 2 1 Winterowd suggests writers should present ideas dramatistically,not relying on argument and demonstration alone but grounding their abstractions in the concreteness of what being called as representative anecdotes.


The negative comes into play when people see their place in the social order and seek to reject it. Furthermore, scholar Brenda Robinson Hancock used Burke’s dramatism to study women’s movements, specifically with identification as actors.

Gregory Clark addressed the pentad to look into the sharing places in the United States. The Social Coordination of. Within the dramaturgical frame, people are rationalizing. Conversing with these theorists in the years since, dramatistic scholars have applied the framework of dramatism to questions of ethics, the potential for strengthened human cooperation, the appropriate anecdotes for critical analysis, bure the limitations of dramatism’s grounding in a decisively Western view of draatism.

In fractional scapegoating, the speaker blames a specific group or a specific person for their problems. People who put emphasis here believe that changing the scene changes everything else. The pollution is the guilt or sin.

Symbolic Motivation

So he takes some nude photos that he has of her and publishes them on the internet for revenge. To Bormann, it is within this symbolic realm that we construct fantasy themes to give our action meaning. A grammar of motives. The act is a motivated and purposeful action. Burke also noted how you can understand a story or speech by identifying how pairs interrelate, such as the scene-act ratio of Hamlet.


A Comment on “Burke’s Act ” “. Kenneth B urke’s dramatism and popular arts. Some researchers, such as Robert Wade Kenny, addressed the use of the Pentad and Dramatism to look into the field of sociology.

Studies in Philosophy and Education. Republicans and democrats do this all the time when political events occur. The theory is necessary because it is logically consistent and testable as I have shown.

It is acknowledged that the political process has become more and more a theatrical, image-mongering, dramatic spectacle worthy of a show-business metaphor on a grand scale.

Dramatism – Wikipedia

Burke staunchly argued that his theory of dramatism is a literal theory, understanding reality as a literal stage with actors and enactment. The words scene, act, etc. They view discourse as far more than just re-presenting materiality; they believe that the human power to use symbols changes action in fundamental ways.

The order is the status quo, where everything is right with the world.