In this case report, transitional bonding with the aid of a Kois deprogrammer was used to restore a patient’s worn dentition. Finding the centric relation might sometimes seem hard, but with appropriate devices, such as the Kois Deprogrammer it’ll become just obvious. The centric. The Kois Deprogrammer is a palatal-‐coverage maxillary acrylic device with a flat plane lingual to the anterior teeth. It separates the dental arches and provides.

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Giuseppe Chiodera – 31 Oct You must be signed in to read the rest of this deproggammer. Giano Ricci – 23 May Giuseppe Marchetti – 3 May This explains why some patients will not deprogram instantly or in a few hours. A year-old man presented with a chief complaint regarding the esthetics of his smile, particularly the lack of visible tooth display.

Patrizia Lucchi – 9 May The biomechanical and periodontal risks were not increased because the tooth preparations were supragingival and remained in enamel. Stefan Koubi – 12 Sep Filippo Cardinali – 26 May In this case, consider splinting the mandibular anterior teeth or prepare a Michigan splint. The possibility of parafunction nocturnal bruxism combined with occlusal dysfunction may have exacerbated the breakdown in the system.

Gregory Camaleonte – 7 May The patient, in turn, benefitted from being able to preview a new incisal length and chewing system before committing to porcelain restorations. In this case, the patient requires posterior support and a Michigan splint is indicated. The immobilization test and loading test produced no joint ddprogrammer or muscle discomfort, and no temporomandibular joint noises were present.


Are there any contraindications for the Kois Deprogrammer?

Zaher Al-Taqi – 30 Jun This allowed the patient to visualize slightly different lengths and approve the esthetic goal Figure 7. This helped achieve more esthetic deeprogrammer and harmony while maintaining the same vertical dimension.

Calogero Bugea – 12 May Marie Clement – 31 Aug Giano Ricci – 26 Apr Zafer Cehreli – 25 Dec The correspondence of the CR and MI provides occluso-articular stability and avoids deprogrammr.

In keeping with dentofacial requirements, direct composite was applied to the incisal edges in a non-invasive approach. Slight recession of less than 1 mm was exhibited on teeth Nos.

Francesca Cerutti – An upper occlusal splint was made to prevent any damage if parafunction was indeed present Figure 12 through Figure This procedure, with the Kois Deprogrammer in place, allows control of the vertical dimension of occlusion VDO during bite registration. His dental history revealed he was sporadic in deprogram,er dental re-care appointments.

When structural problems of TMJ are suspected positive load test the Kois Deprogrammer is not indicated. There should be a separation of 1. When the patient closes their mouth and the same initial contact is confirmed — the patient is deprogrammed.

Transitional Bonding with the Kois Deprogrammer: A Conservative Treatment Approach

A partial list of appliances and techniques to find the CR, includes the Lucia Jig, the leaf gauge, and the bilateral manipulation technique. The use of the deprogrammer in this deprogtammer was an integral component for the dentist, patient, and laboratory technician.


Giuseppe Chiodera – 15 Jan To determine the amount of dentistry involved, it would be necessary to first establish the appropriate length, size, and shape of the anterior teeth. Antony Atlan – 21 Dec Transitional Bonding with the Kois Deprogrammer: The Kois Deprogrammer is a removable, plastic appliance that covers the hard palate and creates a single point of contact between the lower central incisor and the anterior bite plane.

Bonded Porcelain Restorations in the Anterior Dentition: Tooth preparations deprogrammer supragingival and remained in enamel in consideration of biomechanical and periodontal risks; and functional risk due to bruxism was managed but not eliminated with a night guard. The periodontal diagnosis was AAP Type 1. The Kois deprogrammer allowed the clinician to find, establish, maintain, and verify an acceptable vertical dimension in centric relation throughout the process.

Kois Deprogrammer | Dental Services | Academy Dental

Kojs Clement – 22 Mar The only uncertainty in the diagnosis was related to function. The deprogrammer has been found to be an effective device for achieving these bite registrations. Giulio Pavolucci – 25 Sep Anna Salat – 19 Jun All streaks to the linguals of the maxillary centrals and laterals were removed to ensure there was no friction.

Marco Ferrari – 17 Feb Severe attrition was evident on teeth Nos.